Winter Cupcakes

October 16, 2013

Peppermint Cupcakes!


Snowflake Cupcakes!


Winter Soaps (Part 3)

October 10, 2013

Okay, and here are the last of the winter soaps:

Apple Peach & Cinnamon: Went with a polka dot theme (sort of).


Fresh Snow: Always an extremely popular one.


Holiday Berry: My personal favorite.


Frankincense & Myrrh: The colors turned out even better than last year.  Really love the stars and contrasting blues and grays.


Winter Soaps: Pine

October 7, 2013

This year I went with Santa’s Spruce and Cedar & Balsam. Both soaps I made last year and went over really really well!  I changed up the design for the Santa’s Spruce this year.

Santa’s Spruce


Cedar & Balsam

cedarbalsamBoth are now available at!

Peppermint Bark

October 5, 2013

Sometimes I see something that inspires me and I sit and make it and it comes out great. The peppermint bark soap was one of those instances!  I made a CP version and a MP version. I’m happy with both.

Cold Process (Now Available)


Glycerin Soap (Now Available)


Seeing Animals in My Soap!

August 22, 2013

Sometimes I feel that soap making can be like watching the clouds.  I used to always try and find shapes and animals and other objects in the swirl of the clouds.  This latest batch of Fresh Snow soap I felt like a kid again finding animals in every slice of soap!

Bat/Bird (depending on how I look at this one I see multiple animals):


Pumba (Remember Pumba from the Lion King?  I swear I see him in this soap!):


Dragon (This one is my favorite!):


There you have it animals in soap!  Do you see them too?


Favorite Christmas Songs: #1

December 18, 2012

And we’ve made it all the way to my (two) number one favorite Christmas songs!  I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to them with me! And I’ve loved you all sharing your favorites with me!  Without further ado:

Traditional #1: Carol of Bells, David Foster
Of all the versions of this song I’ve heard over the years (and I’ve heard many good ones) this is still by far my most favorite.

Nontraditional #1: Take a Walk Through Bethlehem, Tricia Yearwood
I first heard this song a couple years ago when I borrowed my parents CD of it.  (I “borrowed” many cds that Christmas ha!)  I was looking for some new music to add to my collection.  This song just spoke to me.  It’s everything that Christmas should be about.  I wish this song was played day after day (unlike some of the other Christmas songs they play) on the radio.  This is my favorite Christmas song without a doubt.

Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope you have a blessed holiday with family and friends.

Favorite Christmas Songs: #2

December 14, 2012

Traditional #2: Christmas in Killarny, Anne Murray
This version is from Bing Crosby.  I like it but I like the Anne Murray version better (I couldn’t find it on YouTube though).  Anne Murray’s version is actually combined with another song too.  I’m Irish and I think this song really pulls the Irish out of me!  Oh my word whenever I hear this song I start singing along at the top of my lungs.  As the Irish say: “If you don’t sing well, sing loud!”

Nontraditional #2: This is Your Gift, John Tesh
Listen and fall in love!  Oh just love this song.

Here we go the last coupon code of the month (next week’s post will be right before Christmas!)  From now through Christmas all winter soaps will be 10% off!  Prices are all marked down.  All you have to do is go add them to your cart!


December 12, 2012

13 more days until Christmas! Crazy!!

Bramble Berry announced the winners of the Givemember month they had in November!  You can check out the winners here: WINNERS

There is still time to place orders (you’ve got about 10 days more).  I’ve been selling out of a lot of the winter soaps!  Cedar & Balsam, Apple Pie, Cranberry Spice and Fresh Snow are all gone!  There are still a lot of great winter soaps available though still.  Check them out HERE.

All orders placed today through Christmas Eve will receive a free sampler pack!  It’ll include a sample sugar scrub, sample foot balm, lip balm and sample soap!!  If you’ve been wanting to try these things out before buying the larger packs now’s a great chance!  Also, I’ve extended free shipping on all order over $40 through the entire month of December!

Favorite Christmas Songs: #3

December 7, 2012

Traditional #3: Emmanuel, Amy Grant
Love her version. Love the song.

(and this version leads right into Little Town so I’ve included the link for it too :D because part of why I love this version is the fact that this song is kind of a part of it.)

Nontraditional #3: The Peace Carol, John Denver and the Muppets
Technically this probably doesn’t qualify as nontraditional.  It’s actually sung at my church in the music before mass, but you don’t hear this on the radio nor is it commonly found on other Christmas CDs so I’m considering it nontraditional!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this song and it’s message.

This week’s Deal! Free Lip Balm with every order!  Just tell me what flavor you want (in the comments section when you check out)!  If you don’t care which one and want to be surprised I’ll pick a flavor for you!  Get them now!  This deal goes from December 7 to December 13.

Favorite Christmas Songs: #4

December 1, 2012

Traditional #4: We Three Kings, St. Peter’s Choir
I don’t think I’ve come across a version I don’t like of this song.  Some of my favorites are Michael Smith, Anne Murray, Mannheim Steamroller…too many great versions to pick one from!

I couldn’t find a version from St. Peter’s Choir, but this another really pretty one from the choir of Kings College, Cambridge.

Nontraditional #4: A Soldier’s King, Kenny Rogers

This weeks deal
: Spend $20 or more and get a free bar of soap.  In the comments section leave me a comment with which bar you’d like.  You can chose from ANY soap bar in the store!  This deal is good from December 1 through December 6!


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