Winter Cupcakes

October 16, 2013

Peppermint Cupcakes!


Snowflake Cupcakes!


Soap…soap…oh and more soap!

August 2, 2013

It’s a good thing I like making soap because that is all I’ve done in the past two months. I’ve had maybe 4 or 5 days in the past two months where I HAVE NOT made soap and those days were typically because I was either at a ll day market (though even then I’d usually come home and make a batch) or had family or teaching responsibilities that kept me away from home the entire day.

I have a dry rack at my parents (for over flow) and it’s currently full!  Here are my two dry racks!


(The one row on the bottom that is empty is actually full :D I just have to cut the soap first then it’ll go in that spot.)

In the past two months I’ve made 1,641 bar soaps/cupcake soaps.  This doesn’t include any of the other product I’ve made (bath and body products, popsicles, dryer balls…and I’ve made a ton of those too!)  Yes, I’ve been busy.  It’s crazy how much things have grown.  I’m super excited about it, but it’s also got me thinking about production and how to meet the demand I currently have in the most efficient way possible.

And now I’m off to start on the winter soaps ha!  Oh it never ends.  :D

Mouse Cupcakes

May 10, 2013

I saw some cupcakes made to look like mouse cupcakes and I fell in love.  I decided right then I needed to replicated them in soap!  I think they came out pretty darn cute :)




Fresh Fun Cupcakes Anyone?

February 8, 2013

I normally do my birthday cupcakes in these bright bold colors and decided it was time to do some “non-birthday” ones in the fun bright colors.  They’re scented with Summer Melon Spritzer…a fragrance I love.  I used it last year and it didn’t discolor my soap, but it turned my blue a really funky muted blue (it was a BRIGHT blue).  Not sure why it did that, but they’re still fun and smell great.

Summer Melon Spritzer: Cantaloupes, Watermelons and Canary Melons come together in this fragrance for a sweet, summery delight. Supporting top notes of Japanese Grapefruit, Crisp Apple and Pomelo bring a bright and cheery melding to the bottom note of Tonka Bean. The secret ingredient to this fragrance is Tonic Water (thus the ‘spritzer’).




Look for them in my store the first week of March!

Chocolate Cupcakes and Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

January 5, 2013

I’ve been asked many times if I had “chocolate” cupcakes.  And for some reason (I’m not sure why…other than possibly I don’t really like the chocolate scent) I’ve never made chocolate cupcakes.  I’ve made just about every other one imaginable, but not chocolate.

With Valentine’s Day coming up I figured now would be as good as time as any to make some. So, I did :)! Chocolate base with vanilla frosting and chocolate sauce drizzle and a little pink and red decoration to top it off.  They actually look good enough to eat! Will be ready for purchase on February 1st at

chocolate cupcake 2

chocolate cupcake 4

Then I also made so chocolate strawberries. I found this mold discounted 75% off last summer at Pier 1.  I’ve never used it. Couldn’t figure out what to do with it and finally an occasion presented itself.

chocolate strawberries 1

chocolate strawberries 3

Then I had a little left over soap from these two so I poured the extra into some mini heart molds I had and decorated them.  I’d picked up these half size skewer sticks a while back and I thought it’d be cute to put the hearts on a stick.  They did crack a bit as I put them on.  I know they’ll shrink a bit as they cure so hopefully they’ll still stay intact.

heart upclose


hearts on a stick

Cupcake Creations

June 1, 2012

I was on a fruit kick when I was making these…feast your eyes on:

Black Raspberry-Vanilla

Blueberries a la Creme


Strawberries & Champagne

Black Raspberry-Vanilla Cupcakes

May 23, 2012

Pre-pictures of my black raspberry-vanilla soap!  They’re still in their molds, but thought you’d enjoy a sneak peak :)

Mini Cupcakes!

May 14, 2012

I made mini cupcakes a while back because I would typically have a little bit of soap left over when making my larger cupcakes.  I figured it was usually enough for a couple mini cupcakes and it was a good use for the soap.

Well I started selling them at my markets and fairs and they’ve been REALLY popular.  So, now I make full batches of mini cupcakes.  I just restocked on a bunch of different scents!

  • Black Raspberry-Vanilla
  • Neapolitan
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Cherry Almond – Vanilla
  • Strawberry-Vanilla
  • Energy
  • Sandalwood-Vanilla


Bath Bomb Cupcakes

April 19, 2012

I’ve had all the supplies I need to make bath bomb cupcakes for a while now.  I’ve just never gotten around to it.  I finally did on Tuesday!  The bath fizzie part was easy.  I’ve made enough fizzies to know what to do and what to expect.  I was interested to see how they’d turn out being crammed into a paper cupcake holder.  I had a hard time really getting it packed.

The tops were interesting!  I made my mix and it was really thick!  I managed to pipe one cupcake before I broke my bag.   So I went back and added some water to the mixture to thin it up a bit.  It made it a little easier to pipe but because it wasn’t as stiff it kind of settled and the cupcakes aren’t as “big” as I’m used to.

The frosting makes good bubbles though!  At least it did when I cleaned up.  So I’m excited to see how it works after drying for 24 hours.

Just a few bubbles while cleaning! :D

I made the bottoms cherry-almond and the tops vanilla oak.  It’s not the sweet vanilla and I think it complements the cherry-almond pretty well.

Just after pipping. I'll be interested to see if they stick to the bottom.

Twenty-Four Hours Later

The tops are firmly attached to the bottoms :) – Yes this makes me happy.  I’ve heard so many people having problems getting the two to stick so I was worried.  The frosting did settle, but they still look cute.  I packaged them in my little clear boxes.  Just have to add labels.

I left the wrapper on most of them (except for one). I used cute wrappers and like how it looked.

Princess cupcake wrapper...if you know me you know why my mom bought me those ha!

Here they are in their boxes awaiting labels.

Soap Challenge #3: Pipping

April 7, 2012

This isn’t really a challenge…and I wasn’t sure how to make it a challenge for me.  You see I’ve been piping soap for over a year now. I fell in love with a soap cupcake I saw when I first started making soap and I HAD to learn how to make my own.  A year of practice and to me piping is just fun!  It took me a lot of practice, but now I think I could do it in my sleep.

Cupcakes aren’t the most practical soap to use, but they can be used.  I typically separate the top from the bottom for use.  Most people who buy cupcakes do display them.  That’s part of why they paid more for them in the first place because they wanted to show them off.  Most people I talk with who buy them use the cupcakes eventually.  For me soap making isn’t just about making an awesome bar of soap.  Yes, I want a great bar of soap to use, but I also like to create soaps that make people smile, that fascinate them, that they proudly show off.

What I decided to do was finish up some Soap Sundaes I was working on (which just needed the whipped cream pipped and chocolate sauce added).

Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Sundae with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, a cherry on top and of course sprinkles! All soap!

I’m also including pictures of my cupcakes I’ve worked on in the past couple months.  I don’t need more right now so I didn’t make a new batch for this challenge, but all of these are less than two month old cupcakes.

And to finish up the challenge I started working on another soap cake.  I did my first one about a month ago (see the picture below) and it turned out okay, but there was a lot of stuff I needed to improve on.

I had poured two soap bases this time.  I had my well sketched and planned out cakes.  And of course they turned out nothing like what I was planning.  I’m finding soap is much harder to pipe flowers with than icing is.  When I went to frost the cake my soap mixture seized.  I’ve decided that I’ll put a fragrance in the base, but I’m no longer adding vanilla to the frosting because it just makes it too hard to work with.

The one think about this, is that is easy to use this after you're done "displaying". I cut the layers between each cake so when you're read you can break off each later and asides from the last cake (bottom) being a little big the other two are a perfect fit for the hand.

I went with a deep pink and yellow.  Yes, the picture is orange right now :)  Micas and lye…this picture was taken just after I finished.  In twenty four hours the orange should change to yellow.

I tried two similar versions. The one on the right I did first. I liked it, but thought I should try another version where I added more flowers so it looked like they were climbing up the base of the cake and so that's how I got the two.

Here are some up close shots.  Still not happy with my pipping 100%.  I’ve gotta test all my tips I think.  See how they work…what I can do with them…and then try another cake.

After curing for 24 hours the yellow was still orange…but you could see it was changing.  I spritzed the heck out of them with rubbing alcohol in hopes that they wouldn’t pick up that little bit of white ash that the first cake got.  It still got some, but not as much. I also tried to pipe less “fine” detail in hopes that when the soap dried and “shrunk” I wouldn’t get breaks in some of the pipping like I did on the first one.  Overall, it was better than my first attempt, but still needs work.  These are so much work I’m not sure it’s worth making them, but they are fun and they do challenge me.  So I guess when there’s an occasion for it I might make them but for now…I’m done experimenting with these. They’re just not worth the effort.  And I don’t have a picture of the final one because as of Saturday morning (now) it’s still a mix of yellow and orange.


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