Winter Cupcakes

October 16, 2013

Peppermint Cupcakes!


Snowflake Cupcakes!


Winter Soaps (Part 3)

October 10, 2013

Okay, and here are the last of the winter soaps:

Apple Peach & Cinnamon: Went with a polka dot theme (sort of).


Fresh Snow: Always an extremely popular one.


Holiday Berry: My personal favorite.


Frankincense & Myrrh: The colors turned out even better than last year.  Really love the stars and contrasting blues and grays.


Winter Soaps: Pine

October 7, 2013

This year I went with Santa’s Spruce and Cedar & Balsam. Both soaps I made last year and went over really really well!  I changed up the design for the Santa’s Spruce this year.

Santa’s Spruce


Cedar & Balsam

cedarbalsamBoth are now available at!

Peppermint Bark

October 5, 2013

Sometimes I see something that inspires me and I sit and make it and it comes out great. The peppermint bark soap was one of those instances!  I made a CP version and a MP version. I’m happy with both.

Cold Process (Now Available)


Glycerin Soap (Now Available)


Soap…soap…oh and more soap!

August 2, 2013

It’s a good thing I like making soap because that is all I’ve done in the past two months. I’ve had maybe 4 or 5 days in the past two months where I HAVE NOT made soap and those days were typically because I was either at a ll day market (though even then I’d usually come home and make a batch) or had family or teaching responsibilities that kept me away from home the entire day.

I have a dry rack at my parents (for over flow) and it’s currently full!  Here are my two dry racks!


(The one row on the bottom that is empty is actually full :D I just have to cut the soap first then it’ll go in that spot.)

In the past two months I’ve made 1,641 bar soaps/cupcake soaps.  This doesn’t include any of the other product I’ve made (bath and body products, popsicles, dryer balls…and I’ve made a ton of those too!)  Yes, I’ve been busy.  It’s crazy how much things have grown.  I’m super excited about it, but it’s also got me thinking about production and how to meet the demand I currently have in the most efficient way possible.

And now I’m off to start on the winter soaps ha!  Oh it never ends.  :D

Happy 4th of July

July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!


Looking for a great summer soap check out Pink Lemonade!  It’s festive and smells absolutely amazing!  A mix of cherry and raspberry lemonade–you won’t be disappointed with this soap!

flag (14)


Army (West Point) Themed Soaps: Part 2

June 27, 2013

Continuation from yesterday!  I did two other soaps for West Point.  One was a take on my (what’s turned out to be really popular) Embedded Heart Soaps.  The other was a simple and clean soap with a mica top that I then stamped “Army Themed” stamps into. I have to say I love these, especially the “Go Army, Beat Navy!”

Embedded Heart West Point Themed Soap:

yuzu army (13)

yuzu army (7)

Stamped West Point Themed Soaps: So these didn’t work out.  The fragrance I used (coconut shavings) darkened this soap way too much.  I ended up stamping them with my logo, but the rubber stamps dipped in mica just weren’t looking good on this one.

coconut (6)

I had to restock my Cedar & Saffron.  I’ve done the same technique/colors with this soap for a while. This time I changed up a color though and man when I cut it it made me think Army Camouflage :D

cedar saffron (3)

And there you have it, my Army themed soaps.  I really like them.  I’m hoping West Point does too.  Because this Army Brat would be tickled pink to have her soaps featured in their gift shop!

Army (West Point) Themed Soaps: Part 1

June 26, 2013

Most of you probably don’t know I’m an Army Brat.  I grew up moving from place to place (13 moves in 18 years!).  I loved it.  I didn’t know any other way of life then (I had my first move at 7 weeks old!  And overseas to boot.) but looking back now I wouldn’t change a thing.  I spent ten years of my first eighteen living in Europe. I learned how to be independent and I learned how to speak a foreign language (pretty fluently, because I attended a French high school for three years).

I am, through and through, an Army Brat and proud of it.  My grandfather was in the Army, my brother is, and my Dad spent 22 years in the Army before retiring to a civilian job.  My dad went to West Point.  Every year (since my family settled in MA) we’ve gotten together with family and gone to a Army Football game for a day of tailgating, football, and lots of fun.

Last year I when I was in one of the small gift shops at West Point I asked the shop if they did wholesale and might be interested in selling my soaps.  They said they would definitely consider it.  We’re heading back to West Point in September for our yearly football game and I’m going armed with Army/West Point themed soaps to show them this time (and my wholesale agreement/pricing). I’m super excited about these soaps.  I came up with five different designs.  Most are the West Point Gold-Black and Gray color theme.  With a red-white and blue themed soap as well as the U.S. Army logo.

Army Logo Soap:

army star (9)

This is the Army Logo:


All in all I think “Army” minded people will see the resemblance in the soap to the logo.

Red-White-Blue Flag Soap:

flag (14)

Classy West Point Color Themed Soap:

west point (6)

west point (1)

Individual Pie Soaps

June 23, 2013

These were (once again) inspired by real food.  I saw these cupcakes/pies:

Thanksgiving-Pie-Cupcakes-s(From Cupcakes Garden)

After going man those look good and making me crave some cherries my next thought was those would be really cute as soaps.  I already had my pie soaps that I’d created last year.  I figured I could do the same concept/technique, but just in individual cupcake holders.

I decided to make some Cherry Pies and Blueberry Pies. I swirled the base (either pink-white or blue-white). Then I embedded cherries or blueberries on top.  From there I piped the lattice and there you go!

I really like how they came out.  I made a small batch (just seven of each).  Not sure how they’ll go over at the market, but figured I’d try these and if they go over well then next year I can make more.

Cherry Pie

cherry pie 1

Blueberry Pie

blueberry pie 1

Pie Soaps

mini pies 2

mini pies 1

Fruit Punch Soap

June 18, 2013

Fruit Punch soap (or as I like to more fondly call it: Color Explosion).  Every now and then I get the urge to use BRIGHT and BOLD colors and lots of them.  When I got this fragrance it seemed to just call to me “use bold colors” so I did. (The only color I wasn’t 100% happy with was my pink. I wish now I’d gone with my electric bubblegum, but it still looks cool.)

Early this year I found some new fruit molds (to go with my already extensive collection).  So I made a bunch of embeds:

pie embeds

Aren’t the prrrrrrrrrrretty!!

Here’s the top!

fruit punch 3

fruit top

Then I just did a multi-colored in the post swirl, put the embeds on top, and WOW :D

fruit punch (10)

fruit punch (23)

fruit punch (28)

fruit punch (9)


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