Almond Biscotti

August 29, 2015

I have been asked repeatedly over the years if I have an almond soap.  So, last year I made a small batch of almond biscotti soap in the Fall. It sold out in less than a month. I brought it back this year! I changed up the design a bit and I really like how it turned out.  If you like almond this smells just like almond extract to me!

Almond Biscotti

A mixture of toasted almonds, sweet cake flour, and drizzled chocolate.



Find these soaps HERE!

2015 Fall Soaps

August 26, 2015

I picked out my fall soaps (most of them) back in February this year.  For all that time I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do design wise.  About a week before I was set to start making them (in the end of July) everything just came together and I figured out what I wanted to do.  Not sure why I was so uninspired this year, but ultimately the inspiration kicked in and I think I have a cool batch of fall soaps this year!  Here’s what I went with! Pictures will follow over the next couple weeks of each soap!

1. Turkish Mocha

It starts with creamy top notes of milk, cardamom, cocoa and a touch of nutmeg. The alluring, complex blend winds down to heady scents of vanilla and honey run, and of course, Turkish Coffee.

2. Almond Biscotti

A mixture of toasted almonds, sweet cake flour, and drizzled chocolate.

3. Pinot Grigio

The main notes to make up this fruity wine scent are sparkling bergamot, peach nectar, apple, Italian white grape, black plum, violet rounding out with supporting notes of warm clove bud.

4. Nag Champa

Renowned for its earthy scent, it contains Juniper, Patchouli and Vanilla, Rose Geranium and Jasmine.

5. Pumpkin Spice

Dark, creamy, and rich pumpkin with notes of Cinnamon, Cardamom and Nutmeg.

6. Pumpkin Lager

A warm blend of Pumpkin Puree, Fresh Ginger, Crushed Nutmeg, Warm Cinnamon, Vanilla Sugar and Sparkling Rum.

7. Spiced Amber Ale

 The fragrance starts with a fresh citrus top note and has a warm, exotic finish.  The base is a wonderful synergy of pine, clove, honey and vanilla.

8. Patchouli Cinnamon

I can’t stand Patchouli, but so many have asked for it! I’ve gotten a large number of requests for different blends. Ultimately I decided to go with Cinnamon. The two scents work together!

9. Oakmoss

Wet and earthy oakmoss with green vetiver, vanilla and nutmeg.


Inspirational Friday

August 15, 2015

Wise words! We learn from every mistake…whether is soaping with a new recipes, formulating a new product, or making mistakes in life.


Inspirational Friday

July 31, 2015

Since the mint plants are in full swing and just because this made me laugh!  Here’s your “encourage mint” for the day!

encourage mint

Summer Soaps: Part 2

July 17, 2015

Part two!

Pink Lemonade: Everything about this soap didn’t go right!  Oh my word…the imprint on the bottom (you can’t see in this pic), I reversed the white/red layers, the jojoba beads on the top, the stars (which I used the wrong blue the first time I made them that morphed to brown)…This soap really didn’t want to get made this year apparently!


Juniper Sage: I love this design.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done something like this and I forgot how pretty and elegant it looks.


Summer Sunshine: I apparently had a thing for doing embeds this year with my summer soaps.  I love the yellow/blue combination of this one.  It’s just really cheerful to me.


Summer Soaps: Part 1

July 14, 2015

Summer soaps are now here and available.  I like the range I have this year.

The pictures aren’t the best this summer, but time got away from me and I did the best I could with the time I had.

Coconut Shavings:



Cool Water:


Grapefruit Bellini: (I love this scent out of the bottle.  Made myself scrubs in it.  It morphs a bit in the soap.  Not my favorite, but then others who’ve smelled it loved it…)


Inspirational Friday

July 10, 2015

Any Winnie the Pooh fans here?  <3

care too much


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