November 12 in 12

November 30, 2017

I didn’t think this post would happen (at least not on time).  It is that time of year where I think I just run permanently on exhaustion mode.  It’s a good kind of tired, but I just don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done it seems.  Of course when January arrives and I have nothing to do I’ll complain I’m bored ha!  Anyway, without further ado here’s a look at my month!

November 2: Emoji Soaps

I thought they’d be popular…I just didn’t think they’d be quite this popular. I’m not complaining, but I swear it feels like all I did this month was make emoji soaps 😀

November 3: Boston Christmas Festival

This three day show is one of my biggest shows of the season.  I share a booth with another artisan friend and it makes for a fun (if long) weekend.  Here’s my half of the set up!

November 6: Wax Melts

Remember those wax melts I made in October? Well I’ve been enjoying them!  I LOVE this eggnog scent. So yummy!

November 9: Soap Boxes

I think I packaged about 1000 soaps in November.  However many it was I felt like I was constantly putting boxes together. I got smart and started just doing it in the evening when I’d sit down to watch an hour of TV before bed and make them then and then have them ready when I needed.

November 10: Emulisfied Scrubs!

Love this stuff–especially in the winter!  Spent most of the day making up 6 batches of this stuff!

November 13: Lip Pamper Gift Sets

Back in January I made a list of different gift set ideas I could do for the winter.  I’ve found that the gift sets (especially if I can keep them in the $10 range) do really well for me this time of year.  One of the ones I played around with was a lip set.  This wasn’t what I originally imagined, but I really like the finished packaged set (not pictured) and they’ve seemed to go over well!

November 15: My Stock

I was standing in my studio exhausted and looking at my stock of finished products and it hit me that I had A LOT of stuff.  Of course I still stress that I don’t have enough ha!

November 15: Bath Bombs

I decided to change my packaging for my bath bombs (yeah right in the middle of crazy show season).  I’m really happen I did.  I like the look of these much better.  These two pics show with labels then in the bags waiting to be shrink wrapped.

November 18: Hot Sauce!

Ha! I know this is not a soap pic.  This is my favorite hot sauce and I was almost out of it when I saw them at an event I was at that day and I had to buy three bottles. I don’t know what I’d have done if I had run out! 😉

November 20: Thanksgiving and Luke

We went to my sister’s for Thanksgiving.  For a FULL week.  I know, can you just imagine my stressing over lost of work time ha!  We’ll I brought a few things with me that I could do at her place.  One afternoon when everyone was napping and I was working Luke woke up from his nap. I grabbed him and tried to keep working while holding him (as he didn’t want to be put down).  I wasn’t quick enough one time and he dipped his hand in (not hot / MP) soap. Oops!


Part 2: Thanksgiving Mac & Cheese

My brother-in-law added some “soul” (as he calls it) to our Thanksgiving this year.  His co-worker gave him a mac & cheese recipe and said he had to try it.  And so for the first time ever our table had mac & cheese :D! It was good.

November 28: Swirls

Yeah, yeah, I know. I always show you my swirls. I can’t help it. I love them so much!

As a side note to this day: Have you ever wondered how much 2500 lip balms tubes looks like? Wonder no more! It’s a lot!

November 29: Gift Sets

I *think* I’ve put together the last of the gift sets I’ll need for this year. We shall see! 😉

There you have it!  Just one more month left this year.  Have you all enjoyed these? Is it worth continuing this next year? I’d hoped to pull in others who’s want to share their months too, but that never happened, and no one responds to these posts so I don’t know if they’re even enjoyed/wanted/interesting or not!  Your thoughts?


Inspirational Friday

November 24, 2017

Opportunities are what you make of them. So make the most!


Winter Soaps: Part 3

November 15, 2017

Round 3!

Reindeer Poo

This soap was really popular last year, so I brought it back this year.  I love the color. The name makes me smile.  You have to have a sense of humor obviously!  It’s just cute and fun!

Santa’s Tree Farm

The tiger strip didn’t quite go perfectly. The soap started to get a little thick on my and I wish I’d had a bit more green, but it still looks nice and smell lovely.

Santa’s Belt (aka: Apple Cinnamon)

This soap was a boat load of work.  I really like how it turned out and I learned a lot while making it. I know I can make it look even cleaner next year.  Every time I see this soap I can’t help but smile.

Sugar Plum Fairy

I’ve been having some fun playing around with different ways to achieve swirls.  I like the results I ended up with in this soap!


Winter Soaps: Part 2

November 10, 2017

Round 2!

Gingersnap & Pumpkin

So, the fragrance really discolored this soap. I expected to get discoloration, just not quite this much.  Still looks fine, and smells good, but the perfectionist in me…

Stink, Stank, Stunk (aka: Apples & Clover)

The Grinch soap! I know if you’re on my FB page you’ve seen this soap about a million times now. And you know how much I’m absolutely in love with this soap.  There’s gonna be a bar in my shower very shortly!

Peppermint Fluff

I did my standard Peppermint soap this year, but I added this one too.  It’s a sweeter, less intense peppermint.  The problem with the fragrance is the amount of vanilla in it. I knew it would alter the color and worked my design around it. I do like how it ultimately turned out.

Pumpkin Gingerbread

Another vanilla heavy fragrance that I worked with to make the gingerbread men stand out.  Some of the gingerbread men look a little drunk ha! But it’s a cute soap.

Winter Soaps: Part 1

November 6, 2017

Once again I’ve run out of hours in my day to accomplish all that needs to be done.  I’m grouping together my winter soaps instead of doing individual posts again.  I need more time in the studio right now!  I had lots of new winter soaps, and the return of many favorites. I have to stay I’m pretty pleased overall with this years soaps!

Blue Spruce

I was rather uninspired by this fragrance.  I didn’t know what to do with it so I was like let’s just do a simple two color layer.  Then as I was working it morphed and I added the reverse imprint, mica line, and peppermint leaves to the green.  I’m really happy with how this turned out.  And customers have really been liking it too!

Cranberry Fizz

This was not part of my original line up of winter soaps.  But WSP had a fall fragrance sell and I decided to get some (for next years soaps) and then I ended up smelling the ones I got and pretty much used half of them this year.  I love the colors in this soap!  And it really has a “fizz” smell.  Bubbly and fun!

Fresh Snow

This is actually a standard soap I do every winter it’s so popular, but this year I changed from my more abstract snowman to this cute guy. Found these molds the end of last year and I couldn’t pass them up.


Sometimes simple works.  I love this layered look with the mica lines between each layer.  It just stands out to me.  And of course it smells yummy!

October 12 in 12

November 1, 2017

I’m a day late, but at least I made it!  October is always a busy month.  It’s at about this point that I start to panic every year ha!  It’s the constant wondering do I have enough soap made, how will the new items sell, how will I be able to manage my crazy schedule…you think I’d realize by now that things all work out and not to worry, but no, I still worry and stress!  Anyway here you go, a view at hour October went for me.

October 1: Wax Melts

I wanted some winter scents. That’s what inspired a seasonal line.  I hadn’t been planning on making these that day, but I got an order for some and one of my standard scents I was out of (and didn’t realize).  Once I started restocking the standard one, I was like might as well just go ahead and make the seasonal ones. I’ve got everything out.  So, what would have been an hour project basically turned into an ALL day project.

October 2: Grinch Soaps

There are some soaps I make that I absolutely adore.  I love them. They just speak to me.  This was one of those soaps.  I can’t claim credit for the idea. I saw something similar somewhere and I thought it was cute.  So I came up with my own little twist and created these. Love them.  They just make me smile every time I see them.

October 5: Mini Winter Soaps

I quite often this time of year get asked if I have something small for children.  Little stocking stuffers basically.  So, with that in mind I made these soaps.  I’ll package them in sets of 4 and see how they go over!

October 6: Goodbye PO Box

I finally (officially) moved over my PO box to my new town.  It was the last element of the move I needed to accomplish.  It was a little sad to say goodbye to PO Box 1385, but I’ve now made friends with my new PO Box :D.

October 8: Mica Swirls

The first half of October continued my crazy soap making spree.  I restocked on (almost) all my standard soaps.  Pretty much most of my soap making is now down for the year.  There will be some restocking here and there, but it will be for after show season as it won’t be ready before the end of the season.

October 10: Label Creation

I’ve introduced a number of new soaps and new products this fall/winter season.  It’s meant I’ve had to make a lot of new labels.  I changed up my standard bar label a tad for the Grinch.  I also created new labels for all the other new products.  I had quite a day at the computer.

October 12: Lip Scrubs

Restocking on lip scrubs.  Now that the soaps are all made it’s bath product time.  Much to do (as you’ll see over the next few days).

October 14: Emoji Soaps

Let me start off by saying these are a pain in the backside to make.  It took a lot of experimenting to figure out the best way to make these.  They’re definitely not “perfect” by my standards) but they are cute.  I made these because I was asked by a long time Wholesale client.  I’m going to experience the with another method of filling the faces in the winter…once life slows down.

October 16: Photo Day

All those winter soaps…well they needed to be photographed! (They’re all listed on my webpage too if you’re interested).  I have a prop box.  Anyone else have a prop box?  Pictures can be challenging.  Some days they go great other days I can’t get anything to look right.  Luckily this was a good day. It was a bright but overcast day which is the easiest time to take pictures.  And I was happy with how I arranged the soaps for the photos. Some days I can’t get a composition I like.

October 20: Dryer Balls

My plan was make dryer balls in January and February when it’s slow (since these take time and are so labor intensive) and then not have to worry about it during show season.  I looked at the number I sold last year and then increased what I made but 1/4.  Apparently that wasn’t enough because here I am making another batch of dryer balls…and I have a feeling I’ll be making another round of them in November too. Guess that’s a good problem to have.

October 21: Show Season

Of course the weekends have been filled with shows.  🙂

October 25: Bath Bombs

I decided to redo how I label and package my bath bombs.  It was something I knew I needed to do, but took me a bit to figure out how I wanted to do it.  I love the redesigned labels and the new shrink wrapping. Both the old and the new methods had their advantages and disadvantages, but in the long run I think the new packaging looks much more professional and will hold up to wear and tear and not get “beat up” looking.

There you have it. The highlights of my month.  It’s been a crazy month where I think I’ve worked every single day. This snap shot doesn’t seem to do it justice when I look back over it.  But you got the highlights!  Here’s to next month! (Where I can assure you the craziness will continue).

Inspirational Friday

October 20, 2017

About this time of year I need this reminder ha!  The last three months of the year are definitely crazy. Work days tend to be 7 days a week and in the double digits of number of hours worked, but when I stop and say would I rather being doing a 9 to 5 desk job the answer is “no!”  I work hard. I take time to enjoy the things that are important to me.  And, I’m happy.  So, I think I’m succeeding!