Destash Soap Supply Items!

January 21, 2023

NOTE: I have updated the list with just the remaining items!

If you’re interested in any of the following items please email me at with the items you’d like and you’re shipping address so I can calculate shipping. Thanks! Jennifer

Approx. 50 Kraft Boxes 2 3/4″ x 3 13/16″ x 1 3/16″ deep – $10

The supplier sent me the WRONG size and I didn’t realize it until I’d had started to put them together. So, I undid them and they’ve been sitting in a box! Nothing wrong with them!

Approx. 100 White Boxes 2 3/4″ x 3 13/16″ x 1 3/16″ deep – $20

I ordered the wrong size boxes. These are brand new and have been sitting in these bags for ages waiting for me to find something to use them for and I finally admitted I’m just not going to use this size!

Loaf Guide Cutter 3.25″ Wide – $5

I bought this only to realize my bars/loaf was larger than the opening. This is really meant to pair with the Amazon mold. Just make sure you’re bar is less that 3.25″ wide and this will work for you!

24 oz Divided Cups – $5 Each ONE OF EACH DESIGN REMAINING

These are made from PLA and are NOT dishwasher friendly. Wash in bar water. I bought these to do fun pours with but realized that they just weren’t large enough for the batch sizes I do. I have (2) with two spaces and (2) with three spaces.

Approx. 20 oz. Sunflower Wax – $5

I was experimenting with waxes and basically decided that beeswax was my go to. I’m not going to use this so hoping to find a home. If you’re new to sunflower wax it is harder than beeswax and I find I need a lot less in my formulas than I did when using beeswax.


  • Ice Cream – $5
  • 3″ Donut – $8
  • Twinkie – $2
  • Dragon Egg – $5
  • 9 Mini Round Balls – $10
  • Lollipop – $5
  • Chill Pill – $8
  • Unicorn Horn – $8
  • Rocket – $8

Check out: The Soap Artist (My YouTube Channel)

April 23, 2021

I’ve been very silent with the blog! It just wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do and add on the fact that there never seemed to be enough hours in the day to get everything done, this went by the wayside. I love sharing my creations with you, but the blog just wasn’t meeting my needs! So, I took a step back and reevaluated what I wanted to accomplish and how best to do that.

I realized that I love sharing how I make my soaps. I love creating tutorials to teach others how to create their own unique and fun designs. I also realized that there were limitations to being able to do this in a blog format. So, this year I made the decision to learn how to create and edit videos and decided to started a YouTube Channel. It’s definitely challenging and I’m still learning, but I’m having fun!

If you like watching soap videos or learning something new then come on over and check it out! It’s a new channel, but it’s gonna grow! And I hope to share so many amazing things with you all! Check out THE SOAP ARTIST here!

I wanted to play off the idea of SCIENCE and ART because soap is about both these things. I love the design side and am fascinated by the science side. I wanted a logo that represented that. And hence my new logo was born. Flowy/fancy font for the “artist” and clean/block font for the “science”. RCOO-NA+ is a the generic formula for “soap” and is a play on the science/art combo as well. If you want to hear more about the creation of my logo check out this video.

The plan is (and I will try very hard to stick to that schedule) is to release new videos on Tuesday and Friday at noon! Which means a new video will be coming today! Yippee! Check out the making of my Bergamot & White Tea soaps!

October 12 in 12

October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!  And just like that there are just two more months left to 2019. *queue panic mode* I’m so stressed (nothing new there) as I worry about sales, events, and having enough product.  I’m really not in bad shape but I always feel like I am quite caught up!  Anyway, here’s a look at what I’ve been up to this month!

October 1, 2019: Super Hero Soaps

They were so popular I made another batch.  I don’t think they’ll make it through Christmas, but that’s a good problem to have 🙂

October 3, 2019: Bath Bombs

The never ending (or so it seems) making of bath bombs.  Really it just seems like that because when I make them I make them like 10-20 batches at a sitting.

October 9, 2019Gift Sets

These are my most popular gift sets. I love them, I just don’t like packaging them ha!


October 10, 2019Advent Calendars

I’ve been working on these for the past month or so.  Got another portion done. Numbers are next. Then it’s just filling the boxes with goodies!

October 14, 2019Glycerin Rivers

It’s not often I get glycerin rivers in mica based colors, but this batch must have REALLY gelled for it to happen here!

October 15, 2019Bye bye tent!

And that’s a wrap with outdoor shows!  Down into the basement the tent went (and won’t resurface until May ha!)

October 21, 2019Lip Balms

I really do love the new labels.  It might have took me ages to come up with a design, but it was worth the wait and the experimenting!

October 23, 2019Eggs with faces? Or something more?

Something more of course ;). If you have been following me on Facebook you have seen the progression.  Keep scrolling you’ll see what these become!

Oh and look! More progress on the advent calendars.

October 24, 2019Bath Salts

I had fun creating these bath salts for a private corporate retreat!

October 25, 2019More Clues!

Ok…looks like we’ve got ears! and Horns!

October 27, 2019Display Shelves

Went to my dad with my design and he helped me build my ladder shelf. I really do love it!

October 29, 2019It’s Unicorns!

I’m quite in love with these (even if they were massive amounts of work to make)!


September 12 in 12

September 30, 2019

Three months left to 2019!  Three months! Where did the year go? I swear it feel like it was just April!  This is crazy time for me.  Lots and lots of soap making as I pretty much have to have the rest of my soaps for the year made by end of September-October.  But there was lots of bath product making and markets as well.

September 1, 2019: Gingerbread Soap

I was a bit behind of starting my winter soaps this year (end of August was busy and I was away for a good chunk of it.)  So I was in overdrive making 30 lbs of soap almost every day the first week of September!

September 4, 2019: Embeds

Brought this soap back this year after a couple years break.  I’d change things up next time, but I still love the embeds and colors!

September 5, 2019: Shaving Soaps

Restocking shaving soaps.  So far they have gone over pretty well. It’s a very specific audience, but I knew that when I added them to my line.

September 6, 2019: Grinch is back!

Many many many batches of this soap!

September 9, 2019: Limited Edition

I’ve been asked so often for Peppermint Lip balm that I decided to try and limited edition this winter. We’ll see how it goes over. Of course that meant designing new labels.

September 10, 2019: Bath Bombs and Full Dry Racks

I had to pull out my overflow dry rack as this one is full! Such a pretty sight.  I also made over 12 batches of bath bombs today.

September 12, 2019: Bubble Scoops

Blah! I don’t make these in the summer for a very specific reason! Humidity! It makes them expand.  I figured I’d be ok to restock.  Today decided to have a mini heat wave and the humidity caused these to expand and they got too big to fit in my packaging. Sigh. So, the next day I made a whole new six batches. 😛

September 13, 2019: Sorting Hat Embeds

Had to make more embeds for my sorting hat bath bombs.  A bit of a pain to make…but not as bad as actually making the bath bombs that they’ll get embedded into ha!

September 14, 2019: Photographing

Had to get the fall soaps and a few other things photographed. Spent part of the day doing that and then editing the photos.

September 16, 2019: Aloe

I needed some more fresh aloe for my aloe soap.  A friend found some at the store and picked up 8 leaves for me. They were HUGE! I ended up with over 3 lbs of aloe! Enough to make 50 lbs of soap with!

September 17, 2019: Teaching

Set up and ready to go!  It was a fun night teaching!

September 24, 2019: Oils

Getting ready to make a 20 lb batch of soap!  That’s a lot of oils right there!

August 12 in 12

August 31, 2019

The summer is coming to an end.  I always hate to see it go.  I love the summer.  It’s warm.  I’m more relaxed.  Days are longer.  As I write this at the end of August the kids are all back in school, it’s getting darker sooner, and the weather is already starting to cool down.  I’m really not ready for summer to end. *sigh*  August was a good month.  I was super busy working in the studio, but I also took about 2 weeks off and did a family trip for half a week and then another 5 days visiting friends and my sister.  Let’s jump right in!

August 1, 2019: Last of my Fall Soaps

Mulberry Soap and it smells soooooo good!

August 2, 2019: Lip Balms and New Labels

Had a marathon day of making and labeling lip balms.  Oh so much fun! (Ha, just a little bit of sarcasm in that statement).

August 5, 2019: Bath Bombs

That was followed up by a marathon day of bath bomb making.  Still more to make, but they won’t happen until September. I’ve enough to get me through for now.

August 6, 2019: Bath Bomb Failures and Packaging

And by batch 16 my luck ran out and I had a failure. I thought they might be okay, but when I came back the next day they were all cracked.

August 7, 2019: More packaging

So much packaging!

August 9, 2019: Experimenting with Shower Steamers

Experimenting with shower steamers and my new moon press.  I’ve a lot more experimenting to do, but I need to find time!

August 11, 2019: Markets

Markets continued the first two weeks of August.

August 13, 2019: Dryer Balls

Ugh. Yes, its that time again where I need to restock on dryer balls.  This is just step 1…12 pounds of wool…it’s gonna take me a while to get all these done.

August 17, 2019: New Labels & Fairy Dust Powder

And that failed batch I smashed up and turned into Fairy Dust.  Then I took my failed premixed dry ingredients and turned them into fairy dust too.

August 18, 2019: Soap

Farmhouse Cider! One of my favorite scents!

August 20, 2019: Fall Labels

Printed the fall soap labels and started packaging them all!

August 21, 2019: Captain America Soap

And crazy me got this idea for making a Captain America soap.  The first round wasn’t bad, not completely what I was going for.  I’m experimenting again.  I’ll figure out how to get it just how I want 😀

July 12 in 12

July 31, 2019

Can’t say much went on this month out of the ordinary.  Lots of soap making (and bath products) and many many markets.  I also tried to take some time off here and there to enjoy visits with the family.

July 1, 2019: Custom Labels

Made custom gift sets for a bridal shower and had to create some lip balm labels for them. I love how these turned out. Hope the bride to be loves the gifts too!

July 2, 2019: Missing Products

I KNEW I had ordered clear soap boxes a while back. I couldn’t find them anywhere and ended up ordering more for an order in April.  What did I happen to find a couple months later. The boxes I KNEW I had. Yeah.

July 3, 2019: Experiments

After I finished my experiment with Meadowfoam oil I could have ditched the soaps I had made, but I had space and I held on to them.  I was curious to see if/how things changed over more time.  The experiment I ran for 6 months.  14 months later and some of my conclusions proved to not hold up given time.  It’s fascinating. I’d go back and alter my report now if I could.

July 5, 2019: Redesigning Lip Balm Labels

last year I started redesigning all my labels. Not major changes, but just a cleaner look (and a change of font).  I’d been stuck on my lip balm labels. I couldn’t come up with a design I liked.  I also needed to make the flavor more prominent.  Inspiration finally struck and I redesigned all my lip balm labels!

July 6, 2019: In Action!

And here they are in action. I’m really happy with how they turned out.

July 7, 2019: Washcloth Cuteness!

I had a customer come find me at a market and buy soaps to match a bunch of washcloths she had made. The owl one was my favorite!  Paired up with my Grapefruit Mint! They work well together!

July 8, 2019: Unicorn Soaps

They’re not perfect and there are a few things I’d change if I ever make these again, but they’re cute.  I made these for a friends birthday.

July 10, 2019: Popsicle Soaps

Haven’t made these in ages, but a wholesale account wanted them and for them I did a custom batch!

July 13, 2019: Show Season

Of course I had to have a display set up in here since over half the month I was set up at events!

July 15, 2019: Day Off~

When you have a day off and you need your dad’s help with some yard work.  Bribery always works ;).

July 16, 2019: New Banners

This has only been on my list for like 12 months.  Yeah, I know. But hey I finally got them done and ordered!

July 23, 2019: Restocks

A trip to BJs to restock 😉  There’s gonna be a couple days of bath bomb restocking going on.  Cause once again I’ve left it to the point where I need to make like 20 batches. Ha!

Inspirational Friday

July 19, 2019

I love this quote.  Sometimes I get so focused on my goal and how I “imagined” I’d achieve it that I forget to think outside my little tunnel I’ve created.

June 12 in 12

June 30, 2019

I can’t believe we’re halfway through this year. Time just seems to fly by!  I wish I could make it slow down some!

June 1, 2019: Shaving Soap

I was making shaving soap via hot process and my crock pot wasn’t big enough so after this batch I kind of switched to a hot/cold process method, which has worked out better and allowed me to make larger batches!

June 3, 2019: Packaging

I’m really happy with how the packaging and labels turned out for these soaps.  I think they stand out and are striking.

June 6, 2019: Photo Editing

After spending the previous day photographing my summer soaps I spent today editing all the photos.  Overall I was pretty happy with how they turned out!

June 12, 2019:Packaging

I was releasing the summer line at my event this coming Saturday which meant lots of packaging!

June 13, 2019: Truth!

This popped up in a group I follow.  I had to share.  It is so true.  Exposure won’t pay the bills.

Bonus Picture: My friend took me out to lunch and surprised me with a birthday desert 😀  I have awesome friends!

June 14, 2019: Alkalinity Tests

This is what happens when you leave your soap/alcohol mixture and don’t clean it out right away.  It solidifies ha!

June 15, 2019:  Craft  Fairs

My fairs and markets are in full swing!  Getting back into shape hauling the tent around ha!

June 21, 2019: Gift  Sets

Busy working on restocking my Gifts for the Magically Inclined gift sets.  Last part I have to add is the tag!

June 22, 2019:  More  markets!

I think every other day I’m at an event (or at least it feels like it)!

June 24, 2019:  Bath Bombs!

I spent the day making lots and lots of bath bombs.  Needed to restock my multi pack sets.

June 25, 2019:  Foot  Soaks!

Taking time to relax and soak my feet.  I love the green.  I know it’s BRIGHT, but it just makes me smile.

June 27, 2019: Finishing up my Topical Report

I’ve spent a lot of time here and there as I could fit it in revising this report.  Finally, I sat down and wrote/edited everything, created the charts and diagrams and got the rough draft complete…seven hours later I was on the last section here.  At least it’s almost done.  Just needs some editing and a final review. #thankgoodnessthisisfinallydone

Inspirational Friday

June 14, 2019

*This*  So, totally this!  Work hard at your dreams. Learn from your mistakes.  Ask for help when you need it. Learn from it all.  That’s the key to success!

May 12 in 12

May 31, 2019

This month has been one nonstop whirlwind of making and markets and research/writing…and the most awful case of poison ivy.  Fun Fact: I’m EXTREMELY allergic to poison ivy.  I never want to see the stuff again.  Three weeks of absolute misery!  Anyway! Here’s a peak at my month.

May 2, 2019: Bath Bombs

I’d put off making these until I was desperate.  It was so bad it took me multiple days to make enough to just be restocked. I’ll need to make more batches by the end of the month.

May 3, 2019: Take too many…

Still trying to produce a self-produced lye soap. I can’t even at this point.  I just want to BE DONE!

May 4, 2019: Tent Weights

Remember! Please adequately weight down your tent!  You don’t want to damage your tent or your neighbors, or their property, or heaven forbid a person!

May 9, 2019: Strawberry Guava

Summer soaps are officially started.  Only slightly behind this year.

May 11, 2019: Ocean Breeze

The ever popular Ocean Breeze is back!  This is my first batch of three for this soap.  And I also decided to revise my American Flag soap this year. It’s scented in Pineapple Sage–soooooo yummy!

May 14, 2019: Grapefruit Mint

This soap is so much work, but I love it.  I love the color, the scent, the design, the embeds.

May 16, 2019:Raspberry Lemonade

Again, another soap that is so much work, but I love it and so I made it again this year.  This scent is one of my favorites!

May 18, 2019: Before the Mix!

I love added all my colors and exfoliants to a soap batter before the mix.  I especially love this combo of color and textures.

May 19, 2019: Sunflower Soap

This soap didn’t go as planned.  It’s not bad, but not perfect.  I forgot how time consuming pipping sunflowers is and how hard.  The yellow got very brights/dark on me as it saponified.  It’s all good.  I love the soap even if it’s not perfect.

May 20, 2019: Misprints

*face palm* Yeah…I was paying attention while printing these.  Oye!

May 21, 2019: Last of the Summer Soaps

Finally finished up the summer soaps. I love how the pastel colors came out on this one.  And I had some avocado puree so I randomly decided to make a special batch of basil sage and mint.

May 23, 2019: Custom Labels

I love how this labels came out.  They’re on full bar soaps in clear boxes and they’re just so striking.  It was such a fun time creating these soaps/labels! Can’t wait for the bride to see them. Hopefully she love them!