A Doozy of a Disaster!

My shaving soap recipe that I tried last weekend…complete failure.  I used a recipe I found online.  I ran my weights through the lye calculator to double check my lye and water amounts.  I followed the recipe exactly.  When I mixed the oils they seemed to work fine.  When I added the FO it seemed to do okay.  I poured it into the mold checked it 30 minutes later and the oils were separating.

I stirred the oils back together in the mold periodically throughout the day and the seemed to stay mixed…but as the week progressed the soap didn’t get hard and then it started to get pasty and then last night it started heaving…full of cracks.  At that point I gave up on it. Tried to take it out of the mold and the picture below is what I got!  Total Disaster.  It happens…but I still don’t like it when a batch fails.  Going to try a new (i.e. different) recipe.  I really want to find a nice shaving soap recipe for the guys.


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