I admit defeat!

There’s a reason they tell soap makers not to use the Oatmeal Milk and Honey (OMH) Fragrance oil in cold process soap…it’s because it just doesn’t work!

I’ve come to accept that and will just use it in Melt & Pour soaps now.  (Next week I’m going to talk about the difference between Melt & Pour and Cold Process soap making so stay tuned!)

The FO makes the soap very soft.  I used one of my hardest producing bar recipes and even after five days the soap, while solid, it still soft.  It will harden.  But it’ll take about 4 weeks.

I’ve also learned (now after this happening three times to me) that if I’m going to use oatmeal I have to complete grind it up.   I left a few small pieces in this mixture (most of it was ground).  Those pieces are causing my soap to expand and crack.  Only time will tell if those cracks will remain small (and hence produce a usable soap) or if they’ll expand and make the soap fall apart.  Here’s to hoping the latter!

Click onthe picture to enlarge and see the cracks.


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