Every batch of soap teaches me something…

Lesson learned this go around: Don’t double batch the batch size for my Shea Butter recipe.  I do okay when I half recipes (though after one disaster I always double check my lye and water measurements).  But doubling batches doesn’t always work.

I wanted to make more Shea Butter soap since my trial batch came out so nicely.  I wanted more than just six-eight bars though so I figured I’d double it…it did okay until the very end then it started to get a little grainy.  I quickly poured the soap and prayed for the best…I was hoping that the heat from the poured and covered soap would heat up the mixture enough to do away with the grainy look.

Bottm has a slight grainy look to it.

It worked.  The very top of the exposed sides of the bars have a slight grainy look but the rest of the bars smoothed out and look good.  I did a little bit of trimming and ended up with a not so bad bar or soap, that should work great!

The rest of the bar came out nice and smooth! I embedded some flowers for flair.

I love the little embedded hearts in this bar.

A little bit of fun!

Finished soaps!


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