Next Experiment: Cupcakes!

I have a bunch of different recipes I want to try still (the list seems to never end) and I have a bunch of different techniques I want to try.  I’ll get to them all eventually.  I’m sure some will work and others won’t but the fun is in experimenting!

Next up on my list (once I finish the order I’m doing for Eli’s Treasure) are cupcake soaps!  And I discovered that there are “sprinkles” for soap!  They’re called “jojoba beads”.  They’re  round balls that look like sprinkles.  They’re a little smaller than what most people are used to with baking, but I still think they’ll be really cool.  I also have some glitter I can use.  The picture below is similar to what I’ll be trying: i.e. the goal is that my cupcakes come out looking similar to these.  The recipe involves Shea Butter!  Which has me so excited because I LOVE Shea Butter soap.  The other picture are my jojoba beads!  I can not wait to use them!


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