Lessons Learned: Vanilla Stabilizer is IMPORTANT!

I’m constantly learning new things when it comes to soap making.  The most recent lesson I’ve learned: Vanilla Color Stabilizer is VERY IMPORTANT when you’re using any fragrance oil that has vanilla in it.

Vanilla is by nature a dark oil.  It’s a pain because colors the soap in wonky ways, typically making your colors go darker than you intended.  That brown comes through and eventually shifts the colors of your soap.

So what is “vanilla color stabilizer” (hence forth referred to as VCS)? VCS is a liquid that is designed to keep soap a nice white or ivory color (or any color used to color soap). It can be used with any brown coloring fragrance, not just vanilla.

VCS is really meant for Melt & Pour soaps.  It works marginally well in CP soap for up to 4 to 9 months before the fragrance eventually turns the soap brown.

Most fragrance oil (FO) that have a “baking” fragrance of some kind (and I have a bunch of those FO) have vanilla in them. So from now on when I do my MP cupcakes VCS will be my new best friend!  There’s nothing wrong with “brown” soap, it’s just not as pretty.

Here’s an example of a MP Cupcake I made with “Buttercream” Fragrance oil where I didn’t use VCS.  The first two weeks is was super pretty…then the color started to shift and this is what I ended up with!!


3 Responses to Lessons Learned: Vanilla Stabilizer is IMPORTANT!

  1. Oh yes, I recently learned this and glad I did before I begin

  2. tyi hakeem says:

    it is also important to use in handmade lotion!!!

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