Update on New Soaps

I’ve made a lot of new soaps the past few weeks and some are getting close to being ready to sell!  Others still need time to cure.  Here’s an update on what will be available and when.

1. Coconut-Vanilla Moisturizing Bar: 1st Week of May
2. White Peach and Hibiscus Shea Butter 3oz. Bars: 2nd Week of May
3.  Shaving Soaps

  • Bergamot & Mandarin: 4th Week of May
  • Bay Rum: 2nd Week of June
  • Barber Shoppe: 4th Week of June

4. Baby Soap

  • No Fragrance: 1st Week of May
  • Bedtime Bath Fragrance: 3rd Week of May

5. Oatmeal, Milk & Honey: 4th Week of May
6. Cucumber Melon Delight: 1st Week of June
7. Cocoa Butter Berry Vanilla: 3rd Week of May
8. Green Tea and Cucumber Conditioning Bar: 4th Week of May

Note: The Shaving soaps are taking FOREVER to harden.  They’re just still soft, soft enough that I’m giving them extra time to cure.  Not sure why they’re taking longer to cure, but I’m giving them more time.


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