Spring/Summer Soaps & Schedule

It’s time make my Spring and Summer soaps!  Thanks to all of you and your input I’ve got our great list of summer fragrances!  This is my slightly (okay, very :)) insane schedule for May!

May 2nd: Fragrance of the Month
May 4th: Cupcakes (I’ve been dying to try these so I’m squeezing them into the schedule even though they’re not technically Spring/Summer related.)
May 5th: Coconut-Vanilla
May 7th: Blueberry Cobbler

  • Juicy Blueberry, Warm Butter, Rich Vanilla Bean, White Chocolate

May 8th: Farmer Market Summer Honeydew

  • Sweet Honeydew, Juicy Watermelon, Star Jasmine, Light Cucumber

May 12th: Summer Melon Spritzer

  • Cantaloupes, Watermelons and Canary Melons come together in this fragrance for a sweet, summery delight. Supporting top notes of Japanese Grapefruit, Crisp Apple and Pomelo bring a bright and cheery melding to the bottom note of Tonka Bean. The secret ingredient to this fragrance is Tonic Water (thus the ‘spritzer’).

May 16th, 18th, & 19th: Finishing up Eli’s Treasure Order

May 21st: Beach Breezes

  • This complex, sophisticated fragrance is actually a light Ocean-type scent. It has top notes of Bergamot and Cyclamen (a flower with a “white” scent), middle notes of Lilac, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley and rounds down to the mellow notes of Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Musk.

May 25th: Pink Lemonade

  • Lucious Lemon Accord, Sun Kisssed Sweet Raspberries

May 28th: Summer Fling

  • Smelling strongly of Raspberries and Peaches, this blend is toned down by the white notes of Magnolias, Lilies and Cyclamen

I know Beach Baby (Fresh Sun, Sand and Tanning Lotion. Vacation in a Bottle!) was a popular fragrance! I do plan to make it but it’s out of stock until the end of May, so I can’t make it till June when I can order the fragrance!

This basically fits the soap into the nights/weekends I have free 🙂 It’s a bit ambitious (even for me, with working full time) but we’ll see how well I’m able to stick to it. Some of these soaps I’ll use my trusted (favorite) recipes for. Others I have plans to experiment with some new recipes. 😀


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