What is Lanolin: Lanolin is a refined derivative of the unctuous fat-like sebaceous secretion of sheep. It is obtained from the wax found on sheep’s wool; refined and purified to cosmetic specifications. It is widely used in cosmetic and skin treatment products including lip and body balms, lotions, skin creams, baby products.

What are its properties: Lanolin is a natural moisturizer with powerful emollient and protective properties. Lanolin helps prevent drying and chapping of the skin.

My thoughts:
When I first got my lanolin I looked at it and went okay…I’m going to put this in soap?  It just didn’t look all “yummy” and soap-material like.  When I opened the jar and got a whiff of it I had even more doubts.  It has a distinct odor…but I went ahead with using it.  My recipe only called for a small amount–it only made up about 5% of the recipe’s ingredients…and once it melted with the other oils the odor wasn’t so bad.  I added a bit extra fragrance oil, just to be on the safe side.  The bar has cured nicely so far.  It doesn’t smell like the lanolin either.  I am curious to see if the odor comes through at all when it’s wet.

I am really interested to see the characteristics this bar has too.  Everyone raves about it’s moisturizing properties and that it’s such a great emollient, so I hope it lives up to the high praise!


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