New Mold!

My new 2lb (though it can hold up to a 3lb batch of soap) arrived!  Right now all my batches of soap are 1lb batches (since I didn’t have a mold big enough to hold anything larger.  This mold will give me 9 bars of soap at approx. 4.5 oz.

Here it is:

And it’s even got it’s own pretty lid!

You can see that I placed a bar in the mold.  That’s a 3oz bar, so I’ll get larger bars for sure.  What surprized me was how small the bars/dividers looked.  I think I was expecting a flatter more rectangular bar, but this will be me a thicker/deeper more square bar.  Can’t wait to make my first batch!

Update: Since it’s taken me forever to post this I’ve since made my first batch!  Now comes the challenge of unmolding the soap!


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