Preparation for Craft Fair

Banner and Tags completed and ready to go!

Okay everyone! Do my a favor and pray for good weather this Sunday!  The craft fair can’t be held if we have bad weather and I REALLY don’t want it to get postponed!

I’ve been a busy bee getting ready for it!  I’m almost there.  I need a few things still mainly another table.  If I don’t get one I can make due with one table, but I think having two would help.  I need to get some “plastic” table cloth and a paper bags (the small lunch ones) to put orders in but otherwise I think I’m ready!

The hardest part about this is wondering if I have enough soap or too much soap!  I just don’t know!  I’ve never done a craft fair before and I’m not sure how much I’ll need.  Though if I sell out of all the soap I have (about 150 bars) I won’t complain 😀  I made my description tags and got them laminated last week.  My banner came too!  I like it.  Simple but it works.  I just wish they’d had the text option I used in my banner, but really in the big scheme of things I supposed that’s minor.

Saturday I’ll go pick up the last couple items I need and then I think I’m ready!


2 Responses to Preparation for Craft Fair

  1. Aww. I think this is a first timers concern…how did it go? Where did you get your banners from?

  2. michelle says:

    very nice i just did my first craft fair this year and it is not as detailed or as much product as yours you did an amazing job i love your ideas and detail thankyou for sharing:)

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