Shaving Soap Follow Up

Remember all the way back to March?  When I posted about my kind of-sort of failed batch of shaving soap?  Well after months of curing the soap was finally ready to use!  Definitely not the prettiest batch of soap I’ve ever made but it did cure!  This is was my first time trying out shaving soap.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but here’s what I discovered:

    • This is not a great “lather” bar.  In fact I got very little lather.
    • It’s very slippery-silky feeling.  The soap coated my legs and really did make shaving easier.
    • The soap was slippery enough that it didn’t cause the razor to irritate my legs.
    • Worked well on legs and underarms, though I made sure to really really lather it on the underarms.
    • If you use a poof you can get a bubbly lather, but it looses any effectiveness for shaving cause you don’t get the “slippery feel” that comes from the bentonite clay added to the soap.

I didn’t try it with a washcloth, but I recommend soap on skin when using this bar.  Don’t expect a great lathering bar.  This really is a bar of soap meant just for shaving.  Now I can’t wait to try one of my bars that I put the arrowroot into.


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