The Brain is a Workin’ :)

So I went into my first craft fair really with no idea how to best set up my table or the correct supplies but I figured I’d get plenty of ideas walking around and viewing other people stalls and boy did I get ideas!

I’ve been sketching and putting together ideas since Sunday night.  I want to use baskets.  I’m not sure if it’ll work, but I think if I can get levels on my table that I can make baskets work.  I went out and bought some Monday night.  Tags are still on.  I needed the baskets though to layout on the table and see if they work.  Try as I might to lay it out and picture it in the store I couldn’t.  I hope to be able to try setting it up this weekend or next to see how it’ll work.

My next goal is to get my wonderful dad (I’m totally sucking up here :)) to help me build a shelf to create levels on my table.  Too hard to explain here but I know what I want in my head!

Next is to start going to garage/yard sales and seeing what treasures I can find for my set up as well.  I have some specific things in mind that I want that I think I can find at yard sales.  So that’s my goal this summer is to go to yard sales all summer until I find all the pieces (and hopefully some little treasures I wasn’t expecting) for my table set up.

I’ll also need to invest in another table and a couple of tablecloths, some ribbon and supplies to make new signs for my soap.  Got some ideas for that too!

Me sketching my ideas down on paper! Notes and ideas. It might not make sense to anyone else but it makes perfect sense to me!

One thing I realized that (especially for craft fairs) I need to package my soap. I think I came up with a very nice and cost effective way to do this that won't make me have to increase my prices. Pictures will be sure to come eventually!


One Response to The Brain is a Workin’ :)

  1. I loved this post…I have not started with my soaps and such but I’m already researching fairs, design and much more! Are you using cupcake stands as well? I wish you well…it seems a lil intimidating for me but hey I can do it

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