Tea Tree Facial Soaps (Round 2)

It’s amazing what happens when you use the correct amount of lye! I got some gorgeous all natural tea tree facial soap bars.  Can’t wait to test these to see how they are.  The recipe called for oatmeal to be added to them.  Knowing some people like an exfoliant and some don’t I made a loaf batch without and then added oatmeal to the rest and poured them in cupcake molds!

Tea Tree Facial Soap Bars


One Response to Tea Tree Facial Soaps (Round 2)

  1. Ivana says:

    hey…i really love how they look like 🙂 simple and natural 🙂
    can the soap with oatmeal be used everyday?
    i would like to make them by myself…..would you like to share your recipe with me? If not i can understand too?
    Nice day, Ivana

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