Sort of a Failure

I wanted RED, white, and blue soaps…instead I got ORANGE, cream, and blue.  It’s so hard to get white and the red didn’t come anywhere near to what I wanted.  Also, I tried to separate one layer with white color powder and another with blue.  Should not have tried to use the blue.  I think it might run the water blue a bit but it should wash off without any problems…but still just all around not a successful batch.

I’m bummed though cause I used my Ginger “Sparkle” Fish on it (I know the name still makes me go eww too so I thought adding “sparkle” might help a bit :)).  The fragrance is heavenly in the soap and every time I smell it I swear my nose tingles like I were smelling a fresh opened bottle of ginger ale.  Love this scent.

There’s not thing wrong with these soaps so I’ll probably just end up selling them in the reject pile for $2 after they’ve cured.


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