My Little Rant :)

I usually avoid rants or going off on a spiel, but bear with me this one time!

I’ve decided it’s all intentionally planned by the soap industry.  What’s all planned?  The need for us to spend money on more than just soaps…to spend money on expensive lotions and more.  They take out the glycerin from soap so they can put it in their lotions and they know that taking it out will dry up everyone’s skin and then they’ll need lotion. (I know I’ve over generalized here–did so on purpose :))

Then they make “facial” products that treat acne but really only dry the skin out and then people need moisturizers for that and they say it’s a “special” facial moisturizer with all these “good” things in it for you, but soap (natural soap) already has everything in it that you need. (Note: Oils ARE good for your face.  Stripping them from your face isn’t good.)


  • Since I’ve been using my shea butter soap on my face I’ve really not needed my face lotion (very rarely and I normally have super dry skin).
  • I haven’t used lotion on my legs in forever.
  • The only time I ever use lotion now is for my hands cause I use dish soap and pump bottle liquid store soap (at work).

The soap industry I’m convinced has created a need for items other than soap by making their soap “cause” those needs.  I know, I’m being a bit of a pessimist right now, but after a year of using my soap and keeping track of my skin I’ve realized that the only time my skin is dry is when I use commercial soaps.

*Rant Over* 🙂


4 Responses to My Little Rant :)

  1. I must say I completely agree with you!! I normally have extremely dry skin, especially in the winter! After I started using your soap (I forget exactly when) I did not have the dry itchy skin that I normally have!! It’s been amazing 🙂 As you said even my face doesn’t get the dry patches anymore!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’m glad that others are finding the same results. It’s amazing though what handmade soap has done for my skin! I’m very tempted to make a liquid hand soap for me at home and to bring in to work (I’ll sacrifice and share with others), just so my hands are as nice as the rest of my skin!

  3. Emilie says:

    I may need to pass this info onto my friend Abby. Her husband has the driest skin ever in the winter. Wonder if this would make a difference. Do you have any soap that’s not flower- or fruit-scented that he might like? Not to stereotype, but he’s a Midwest hay farmer–a “nothing fancy” type of guy:)

  4. The Damsels says:

    Yeah, I have a couple of guy scents. The most popular is the Cedar & Saffron. Also some of my all-natural soaps (ones that use EO and not FO) are guy friendly and I can make soap with no fragrance 😀 Jennifer

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