Semi-Failed Coconut-Vanilla Soap

I typically use a 50-50 ratio of coconut and vanilla FO when I make my Coco-Vanilla soap.  Because the coconut scent seems to fade a bit in the soap I decided to try a different coconut FO that was a little bit stronger.  The soap definitely had a more of a coconut fragrance but the new FO caused my soap to start to “curdle” basically parts of it was starting to solidify within the mixture.  I did some quick pouring into the molds and hoped the the gel phase would help “cook” the soap and bit and remelt the parts that had curdled.

This is what I had 24 hours after the pour:

My first reaction was disappointment.  It still looked like there were little worms throughout the soap.  Then I unmolded it and realized that some of it had remelted and all mixed together.

When I cut it you could see that the top looked a little more wormy than the bottom.

The soap feels just like any other soap I’ve made and it completely solidified and came out of the mold nicely. So I think this soap is still perfectly fine.  I’ll of course test it before I decide to do anything with it, but it looks (mostly) like a normal bar of soap.


One Response to Semi-Failed Coconut-Vanilla Soap

  1. I’d use it 🙂 looks are only…soap deep? 😉

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