Sugar Scrubs (Version 2)

Nothing will take the place of the sugar scrub cubes for me.  They are decadent, with sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E!  They’re also more expensive to make than a simple liquid “in the jar” sugar scrub.  So per a couple requests I did some research on the liquid sugar scrubs.

The first one I made just involved sugar, sweet almond oil, and Vitamin E.  I like it.  It gets the job done and left my skin still feeling nice and soft.

I wanted more than just sweet almond oil and vitamin E in my scrub though.  I wanted something more like my sea salt foot scrub and then it occurred to me: Why not use that recipe just replace sugar for salt and maybe a powder color rather than jojoba beads as I really didn’t want to have to deal with washing those off me (plus jojoba beads are an exfoliant too and as a body scrub I think the sugar was plenty) and the sugar really takes on a nice color with a miniscule amount of colorant added.  Now I’ve not only got sweet almond oil and vitamin E but I’ve added in jojoba oil.  Voilia! I had a nice skin pampering sugar scrub!

You can see there are more oils in this batch, but again I can add more sugar to make it less oily.

What I love about the scrub is the versatility I get with it.  I can use fine grain white sugar for a gentle scrub.  I can use brown sugar for a slightly more exfoliating scrub or large sugar grains for a rougher scrub.  I can also add more or less sugar depending on whether someone wants an oily scrub or not so oily!

Couple more pictures just because!


3 Responses to Sugar Scrubs (Version 2)

  1. Audry says:

    I like those jars

  2. The Damsels says:

    They’re mini 1oz jars for samples 😀 Jennifer

  3. Mippy says:

    Very cool! YAY! 😀

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