Salt Bars you say?

The first time I heard someone say “salt bar” my first thought was you’re crazy!  How can you have soap and salt together?  They’re like opposites.  Salt KILLS lather in a soap.   Off to reserach I went.  I had a lot of questions I wanted answers to.

Why would you want salt in your soap?

Salt is moisturizing, healing and overall great for your skin. It’s also a fabulous exfoliant.

How do you get a decent lather with soap in your bar?

As I’ve mentioned before coconut oil is a staple in almost every bar of soap.  A 100% coconut oil bar of soap could still lather even in salt water.  Pretty awesome!  There’s a downside though, coconut oil does dry out the skin.  Salt bars have a high percentage of coconut oil. This allows them to lather nicely with the salt in them.  The salt helps moisturize, but what really helps is adding some skin loving oils to the bar like castor oil or avocado oil.

Were there any other benefits to a salt bar?

I found a couple of interesting comments on this.  Apparently if you have troubled skin with acne breakouts or really oily skin, the salt helps clear it up in a matter of a week or two and helps keep it pretty and clear.

I’m interested to see if this is really true.  If it is that’s awesome!  One thing I’ve noticed throughout my reserach is everyone claims it’s a great moisturizing soap.  I’ve very excited to try this soap and hope it lives up to the endless praise I’ve found all over in my reserach!

I made a batch of bars with lemongrass essential oil.  Love the smell of lemongrass but it was way too strong for me.  So I made a second batch this time with Orange essential oil.  Much milder (orange eo isn’t a strong scent and it’s even hard to keep it strong in soaps.  Perfect for me who wanted a very mild soft scent).  I like both bars.  I think I’ve got strong from those that love strong and soft and mild for those looking for a gentler fragrance.

Lemongrass EO

Orange EO (I didn’t use any colorant.  The orange EO gave this a nice yellow color and I used pinked salt to give it a fun speckled look.)


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