Bread Baskets are Great for Soap Displays

I went on the search a while back for bread baskets that would work as a soap holder and I found some I liked (remember back to my post on my display table).  They’re a little bit smaller than I wanted, only hold 4-5 soaps but they’re adorable and exactly what I wanted style wise!  I’m having covers made to line the inside of the baskets and I think once they’re all set up they’ll be perfect!

I can’t wait to get the covers back so I can pull everything out and do a mock set up to see how it all looks.  Traveling to craft fairs and farmers markets is going to be quite a trip now.  Between all the boxes of soap, cupcake soaps, display/set up items, two tables, wood shelves…I’ve got quite a production.  The nice thing about this though is I can alter the display to fit one or two tables.  There’s a lot of flexibility in my table layouts.  I’m excited.  August, September and October I have 5 Farmer’s Markets I’m attending.  Can’t wait to see how those go.  It’ll be a learning experience for sure! But I’m excited!


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