Attempt 1: In the Pot Swirl

I wanted to try to “swirl” my soap.  I didn’t feel like making a 2lb batch of soap (for my “In the Pot” swirl recipe) and I was too lazy to go recalculate the recipe for a smaller batch.  So, I ended up using my shea butter recipe to make the swirl…

There’s a reason for using the specific in the pot swirl recipe: BECAUSE IT DOESN’T TRACE FAST.  Unlike the Shea Butter recipe.  OYE.  My soap started to get too thick too soon.  I poured it, but because it wasn’t very “liquidy” I’m not really sure the colors mixed in a nice swirl.  I’m sure the soap will still look great, even if it wasn’t what I was going for.  The top came out cute though.

More pictures to come of the cured soap and slice soap!  We’ll see what the inside really looks like!  Here’s to hoping something cool!


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