A different kind of swirl

I was going to try the spoon swirl with the Peppermint Cream soap but when I added the white to the soap base it got too thick too quick to do it with.  So I did something random.  I poured a small later of pink and slopped some white in it to a skewer and swirled it together.  Repeated with another they, more swirling, followed by two more layers like that.

This is what the sides look like after it was poured.

The end view.

Tried to make a nice swirl on top but basically it was too pink and next to none of the white came through.  I had NO idea how this would turn out.  Especially since I was swirling on horizontal layers and the soap would be cut vertically.

Not much swirl going on here.

I let it cure…removed it from the mold and cut it and this is what I got:

Kind of cool :D!  I still want to try the spoon method, but I still like this!

I also did an in the pot swirl (made a 2lb batch and separated it in two).  The top is super cool!  And the slices are pretty darn neat too!


2 Responses to A different kind of swirl

  1. Michelle says:

    Cool soap, where did you get your plexiglass mold? It’s very cool looking.

  2. The Damsels says:

    Soap Making Resources. I don’t have the link off the top of my head but I think it might be on my side bar under soap links.


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