Super Gel Phase!

When I first made this batch (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove) it was a light brown.  I didn’t bother adding a color.  I know cinnamon will turn soap brown no matter how hard you try.  So I just added some cinnamon to give it a fun sprinkled looked and just let it be whatever color it wanted.  The light brown was pretty.  Once it went into the gel phase it go super dark…almost black!

After the gel phase the color pretty much remained.  It’s a bit lighter now, but mostly it’s dark.  I like it though it makes me think all warm and cozy…and it smells sooooo good!


3 Responses to Super Gel Phase!

  1. Joy says:

    Hi Jennifer, this sounds like a delicious mix. Did you use EO’s or powdered spices?

  2. Jennifer says:

    This was a FO blend,

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