Dedicated, obessed or just plain CRAZY! You decided.

I have a “soap making schedule.” I like to have everything planned out to see exactly how long it’ll take me to get things done…when I’m going to do what recipes…use what fragrances… Plus I knew I was on a tight schedule trying to get all my fall/winter soaps done by the end of August. (Teaching starts in September (on top of the full time job) and my free time gets cut drastically).

With that in mind I had soap to make last night. However I spent part of the evening with my mom and didn’t get home till 7:30. Well after getting home, putting away groceries and getting settled I pulled out my soap stuff. Went to go weigh the materials out and my scale (which turned on) wasn’t registering any weights. What to do? Go to BB&B and get a new scale or not make soap that night?

I did the math in my head. Leave at 7:45. Twenty minutes to store. Ten minutes in store. Twenty minutes home. 8:30 before I could start on my batch. (I should note here I have a self imposed bed time of 10 PM. I get up every morning at 5:30. If I don’t give myself a bed time I’d keep working and just pretty much burn myself out). Anyway, I DID go get the scale. In fact I got two (paranoid one wouldn’t work). Got home and made soap at 8:30. Didn’t finish till quarter to 10 then proceeded to make bath fizzies (cause they were also on my schedule). *sigh* By the time I finished those and took my shower and finally got into bed it was 11 PM. I’m a tired girl this morning, but I stayed on track with my schedule! 😛

I loved my old scale. I do not like the new one I got. It’s going back. It reads in fractions. Which is fine for most people, but not for me. I need to be able to get a precise 13.2 and not have to decide between 13 1/8 oz. and 13 1/4 oz. I’ll go do some research on scales and find one I really like, but for now the back up scale (see I knew it was smart to get two!) works. Not what I want, but works great as a cheap back up scale.


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