Lessons I learned while making bath fizzies…

I’ve learned a lot over the past 2 weeks as I delved into attempting to make bath fizzies.  I’ve gotten some great feedback from some awesome soap makers and I’ve figured out a few things to make my life easier when making fizzies.  I want to share that experience with you.

My first piece of advice to you is do not attempt to make your first bath fizzies on the most humid day of the year.  This is not conducive to successful fizzies 🙂

My first problem as I was making fizzies was I was filling the whole mold (each cavity) and then going back and trying to get them out and of course they wouldn’t come out or they came out broken.  What I didn’t realize was you needed to make one fizzy and then remove it from the mold right away.  The longer you wait the harder it is to get it out of the mold.

First piece of advice: Make one fizzy and remove from mold immediately after.

The next problem I was having was the bath fizzies would start to bubble and expand on me as they picked up the moisture in the air.  It seemed that by the time they were hard enough to pick up it was too late because they’d already picked up the moisture in the air (again humid days, not the best time to experiment with bath fizzies!)

My solution: I cut strips of the plastic knitting/sewing sheets and removed my fizzie on it.  Then I was able to pick up the fizzy without ruining it.  I slid it and plastic sheet into the bag and tied it tight.

After 24 hours I reopened the bag and removed the plastic then retied.  This creates some extra work, but I get nice fizzies now!  I’m hoping with the change of weather I can remove this step, but for now it works.


5 Responses to Lessons I learned while making bath fizzies…

  1. Amy Warden says:

    I think I ruined more bath fizzies than I ever sold! LOL! Good luck cracking the code without cracking your fizzies!! 🙂

    • The Damsels says:

      Yeah, I’m getting there! It’s been a learning experience that’s for sure. Practice makes perfect right? And all the failures mean I’ve got a great stock on hand for myself 😀 Jennifer

  2. T.A. says:

    I’m trying to “follow” your blog, but can’t see a way to. Is there a way to follow it via e-mail since you’re not on Blogger?

  3. T.A. says:

    Posted before I could get my info all the way in. Sorry for the double post.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Added a “Follow Blog” on the right hand side. Let me know if it doesn’t work! Thanks Jennifer

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