S.O.A.P Panel Results: Test 1 – The Smell Test


Mystery Fragrance #1
Berries and fruit-i-ness. I liked this one.  No I really like this one.  I think after #4 this is my favorite.

Mystery Fragrance #2
Nice. Clean and crisp but floral too.  It’s not too strong, but definitely a fragrance I’d buy and make soap with!

Mystery Fragrance #3
Reminds me of a mix of a holly berry and candy, maybe some cranberry.

Mystery Fragrance #4
Fresh. That was the first thought. Then I thought of flowers. Some kind of light floral combination. This was by far my favorite scent out of the bottle. I’m not really a floral person but I really loved this one. I kept coming back to it and smelling it. I had images of making a light pink and white swirl with this one from the instant I smelled it.

Mystery Fragrance #5
Berries and sweetness. Maybe a hint of floral.

Mystery Fragrance #6
Fabric softener. I know weird first thought but that’s what it reminded me of. Not necessarily the smell itself, but the gentleness of the smell made me think of being curled up in a freshly cleaned blanket. I liked this one.

Mystery Fragrance #7
Pine with a hint of sweetness. I love the pine scent but this one I wasn’t too thrilled with. There wasn’t anything that really made it stand out to me from all the other different pine fragrances out there.

Mystery Fragrance #8
Pine again, with earthly undertones to it. Almost like dirt. It was an okay scent but it didn’t wow me in any way.


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