S.O.A.P Panel Results: Test 2 – Adding Fragrances to the Soap

Test 2 – Adding Fragrances to the Soap

I’m a CP soaper! So of course that’s what I used to test my mystery fragrances. I decided to test each fragrance individually in a three ounce mold. While I think it would have been fun to test the soap in a whole batch when I think “test” I think analyze the properties. How does the fragrance react in soap with no color, with color, how does it cure, unmold…these were the things I was looking to discover about these mystery fragrances.

I used the following Shea Butter recipe which soaps amazingly and is one of my favorite soaps recipes. (I knew I’d have left over which I used for a small batch of soap for something else I was testing. That and I was too lazy to go run the recipe thru my lye calculator and recalculate it for a 1lb batch :))

1 1/2lb. Shea Butter Soap

Castor Oil – 1.5oz.
Shea Butter – 6oz.
Coconut Oil – 4.5oz.
Palm Oil – 6oz.
Olive Oil – 6oz.
Lye – 3.27oz.
Water – 7.9oz.
(5% superfat)

I added .2 ounces of fragrance to approximately 3 ounces of soap.

These were the soaps just after they were poured.

Mystery Fragrance #1
Very yellow out of the jar. Smelled good in the soap when it was first added. It didn’t reach trace too quickly, but I was only working with 3oz sample sizes and not a full loaf size batch.

Mystery Fragrance #2
White and clear out of the bottle. Mixed nicely and didn’t accelerate trace.

Mystery Fragrance #3
Clearish with a slight yellow tint. The scent wasn’t as strong as the others after mixed into the soap.

Mystery Fragrance #4
Oh my! YELLOW! It turned my soap bright orange and all thoughts of white and pink swirled delicately together went out my head. This soap I knew would color my soap. I love the fragrance out of the bottle and loved it just as much in the soap. So yellow soap or no I hope this one makes the cut. I’m in love.

Mystery Fragrance #5
White liquid, soap stayed nice and white. Scent seemed to get a little stronger in the soap.

Mystery Fragrance #6
Medium yellow liquid. The scent morphed in the soap (or at least it seemed to) to me. I think I liked the scent better once it was in the soap than just out of the bottle.

Mystery Fragrance #7
Orange Galore. Changed the color of the soap and the scent morphed in the soap. It made my eyes sting something fierce. I didn’t much care for the scent to begin with but I really didn’t like it once added to the soap.

Side Note: I do wear protective eye gear, but I wear glasses so I don’t have a pair of protective glasses to completely enclose my eyes.

Mystery Fragrance #8
Clearish liquid out of the bottle. It had a musky scent and a really weird smell in the soap. Not one of my favorites.

Overall thoughts: They all soaped well in my little three ounce samples. None sped up trace, but as I noted I worked with much smaller sample sizes, so I don’t think these results are really helpful on how quickly or not they traced.

After 12 hours of curing some of my colors had morphed from when I first pouted them.

Some of the colors really morphed after 12 hours of curing!

Mystery Fragrance #1 and #2 didn’t change much.

Mystery Fragrance #3 and #4 got a little bit lighter.

Mystery Fragrance #5 got darker.

Mystery Fragrance #6 stayed the same.

Mystery Fragrance #7 was still yellowish but its tone changed a bit to be a bit more tan than yellow.

Mystery Fragrance #8 got orange! That was the most drastic change of all the samples. It started off a light yellow when poured and really morphed over the 12 hours.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on how they unmolded!


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