S.O.A.P Panel Results: Test 3 – Unmolding

SOAP TEST: 48 Hours after pouring soap

Because of the individual molds I used I left my soaps for 48 hours before removing them. I find that CP soap can be a little sticky coming out of these molds after only 24 hours.

Mystery Fragrance #1
Unmolded great. No color change after 48 hours.

Mystery Fragrance #1

Mystery Fragrance #2
This soap had a weird spot patter on top after 48 hours (however it eventually faded over a week). It was a little sticky and deformed slightly when I unmolded it. No color change. Still a really nice white soap.

Mystery Fragrance No. 2

Mystery Fragrance #3
This fragrance does not like CP soap. I’d noticed the scent wasn’t as strong after 12 hours of curing and 48 hours later it has a thick ash layer on top. It was soft and crumbly and just flaked off in my hands. It was not fun unmolding this soap. I would never use this fragrance in CP soap after seeing how it reacted in this sample batch. I do wonder if it did this to a full 1lb batch.

Mystery Fragrance #3

Mystery Fragrance #4
Have I mentioned I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fragrance? Still smells great in the soap after 24 hours. The color has morphed a bit more…more yellow-tan now. It was a little soft and deformed slightly when coming out of the mold, but I think it’ll be perfectly fine coming out of a loaf mold rather than my grooved cupcake molds.

Mystery Fragrance #4

Mystery Fragrance #5
A little sticky, but overall I got it out with not much deforming. Color after 48 hours is still about the same as it was after 12 hours.

Mystery Fragrance #5

Mystery Fragrance #6
No problems. This unmolded nicely. It’s still an nice light color too, almost no discoloring with this fragrance. However, (and I’ve noticed this in my soaping with other FO) this one “sweated” for lack o a better word. As it cured droplets formed on top. I was able to mop them up and the soap was fine. I do insulate all my soaps and have them go through the gel phase so not sure if that was the cause or if it’s a trait of the fragrance oil.

Mystery Fragrance #6

These are the droplets that formed on top. Since there was no color added I have to assume it's the fragrance oil that is to blame for this.

Mystery Fragrance #7
Sticky! Wasn’t the easiest to unmold and the bottom got deformed because it stuck to the mold and wouldn’t come off.

Mystery Fragrance #7

Mystery Fragrance #8
Unmolded nicely but the soap is “wet” and soft. The top got a little deformed/squished as I removed the mold. The one the color has continued to morph. It’s gone from bright orange to a more deep yellow color now.

Mystery Fragrance #8


2 Responses to S.O.A.P Panel Results: Test 3 – Unmolding

  1. Nichole says:

    I noticed a lot of sweating too but I was thinking that it was my humid house. . . maybe not if you are getting the sweating too.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Yeah I got sweating on a couple when I did the color batch too.

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