S.O.A.P Panel Results: Test 4 – Soaps after 10 Days

So I like to see how soap looks after about 10-14 days from pouring and cutting it.  Usually whatever it looks like at that point is what the final soap will end up looking like.

Mystery Fragrance #1
This fragrance got a little bit darker-more yellowish over the ten days.

Mystery Fragrance #2
Slight color change, but overall this soap remained fairly white/off-white.

Mystery Fragrance #3
Definitely started to get a tint of yellow to it.  However, I expected this to happen because even after taking the soap out of the mold it had the faintest hint of yellow.

Mystery Fragrance #4
*sigh* This one got more orange.  In fact it quite significantly changed colors.  But I still love the fragrance and I’ll use colors that will work with the fragrance!  Bramble Berry you HAVE to keep this fragrance!!!

Mystery Fragrance #5
More color morphing.  This one went from yellow-tan to orange-brown.

Mystery Fragrance #6
No color change.  Started white, ended up white.  I’m transferring my dreams of white and pink swirled soap to this one (since I like this fragrance too :D)

Mystery Fragrance #7
Some change.  Went from white to tan to brownish.

Mystery Fragrance #8
It got a little darker but pretty much remained yellow.

2 Responses to S.O.A.P Panel Results: Test 4 – Soaps after 10 Days

  1. Love seeing the side-by-side pics. It really gives a good representation of the change in colors! And I love the descriptions too! =)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks 🙂 It was fun testing the fragrances!

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