S.O.A.P Panel Results: Test 5 – Color (pink)

I find that the two colors that are the hardest to work with in soap with fragrance are pink and purple.  They morph too easily with even the slightest color to a fragrance.  I tested pink.  I used the Bright Cherry LabColor (diluted).  I used about a 1/4 teaspoon of color to 3oz of soap.

The pictures on the right are just after I poured the soap and the pictures on the left are 36 hours after pouring.

Mystery Fragrance #1
This one initially had a yellow/orange tint to it, but surprisingly it cured to a nice deep purple-pink after 36 hours.

Mystery Fragrance #2
Light pink when poured.  It got a little deeper as it cured you can see hints of yellow-orange affecting the pink making it a bit more muted, but still a pretty color.

Mystery Fragrance #3
This one was really light when I poured it and got nice and dark as it cured.  That surprised me.  One thing I noticed is that this time the soap didn’t get flaky/crumbly at all.  Makes me want to do more testing with this scent since I got two completely different results.

Mystery Fragrance #4
Well I expected this one to go orange when I poured it.  You can see the pink trying to fight through but it’s really much more orange than pink.

Mystery Fragrance #5
Light pink to pour that turned a dark rich pink.

Mystery Fragrance #6
You can see hints of orange-yellow muting the pink a little in this one. It almost has a purplish feel to it.

Mystery Fragrance #7
Definitely colored orange a little bit.  Still don’t like this fragrance.  Still made my eyes sting!

Mystery Fragrance #8
Pretty much the same results as #7 color wise.  Really not a fan of this fragrance.  It’s my least favorite of them all.

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