October 28, 2011

Recently I was asked if I had a brochure of my soaps.  I didn’t, but of course that set me off making one.  Here’s the finished brochure.  I was happy with how it came out.  I think it shows off all my different soaps well!

3-Fold Page (Front, Back, and inside flap)

(Inside pages)

(click on pictures to enlarge)


Felted Soaps

October 25, 2011

I decided I wanted to try felting some soaps.  I had a bunch of rejects that were perfect for this.  Plus I like the idea of a soap that had it’s own washcloth and was a gentle exfoliant 😀

So off I went doing reserach.  Came across a couple  blogs that described the process and an article in Saponifier (those helped).  Asked questions.  Bought wool roving.  Then set to work.

My first attempt didn’t go so great.

I think the wool was too thick.  Once it dried I thinned out the thicker portions and then stretched it over the soap and refelted.  It worked better.

This worked a little better but I still think it was too thick.  Going to also try using a nylon to start with as I’ve seen suggested in a couple places…I hope that will help me get started better.  So with those lessons in mind it’s off to try my next felted bar of soap!

Photo Submission for my stART at the Station Application

October 21, 2011

I have two winter Craft fairs lines up.  One December 3rd and one December 10th.  The stART at the Station Craft Fair is December 4th.  It’s a more expensive fair to get a spot at and there’s only about 100 spots (to about 200 applicants).

When I knew I had two fairs I decided not to apply to the stART at the Station one…but then talking with my Dad and thinking about it I figured why not.  If I’m investing one day of that weekend already might as well try and see if I can get a spot for the Sunday fair too.

With this application I have to submit three photos of my work that show it’s “uniqueness” as the winter craft fair is being advertized as “unique.”  So I put together these pictures to submit with my application. Now it’s just a waiting game to see if I get a spot or not!

One Month Later (S.O.A.P Panel)

October 19, 2011

This weekend I was smelling all the soaps I’d tested last month for Bramble Berry.  Mystery Fragrance #4 was by far still my favorite!  However, I’d noticed that a couple of the scents seemed to have mellowed a bit and I had different opinions on some of the fragrance.

#1 – Still liked it, definitely in my top 4

#2 – This one grew on me.  It’s probably my second top choice now.

#3 – I like this fragrance (more than originally), though it was still a little light in the soap.

#4 – You all know I love this one at this point 😀 Nothing’s changed.

#5 – Not as much a fan of this as I initially was, but it’s still a pretty scent.

#6 – I like this one much more now.

#7 – Still not a huge fan of it, but I could smell it now without my eyes stinging and it did grown on me a little bit.

#8 – My least favorite of the bunch still.

Head on over to Bramble Berry’s Blog Soap Queen!  The results of which three fragrances made the cut should be posted any day now!  I’ll be making an order for them right away and making some batches which should be ready just in time for the holidays!

Embedded Hearts…

October 18, 2011

Three of my Fall/Winter Soaps I embedded hearts into the soap.  I love the effect and I’ve gotten so many complements on them (as well as a good amount of sales).  They are really cute soaps, but they’re a lot of work!

How do I end up with this?

By starting with this:

First Step: I have to pour flat/thin batches of CP soap.  What I usually do is pull aside a small amount from another batch I’ll be making and pour it into a silcon mold.  I try and make a variety of colors so I have a bunch on hand when I decide to make a batch of soap with embedded hearts.

Second Step: Cutting them out.  This is the most annoying part of this entire process.  My mini heart cookie cutter is just big enough for me to get my pinky in there to push the cut outs out.  I get about 50 hearts per batch and it can get a bit tedious to cut them all out.  I usually set myself to this take when I’m watching TV.

Third Step: Make my batch of soap!  I pour about half the batch into the mold and then go through and embed hearts in the soap.  Gently pour about 1/2 of the remaining soap, just enough to cover all the hearts.

Fourth Step: The last part comes in piping the remaining soap.  To get the little puffs on top I pipe the rest of the soap.  You have use a recipe that you can get fairly thick so you can do this.  It’s a lot of effort but it’s worth it in the end.

Fifth Step: Then I go back and add more hearts across the top, fitting them in to the valleys created from the piping.  And for a little flair to finish it off I lightly sprinkle a little glitter across the top.

And there you have it.  Embedded Heart Soap.  A lot of effort, but totally worth it in the end!