Felted Soaps

I decided I wanted to try felting some soaps.  I had a bunch of rejects that were perfect for this.  Plus I like the idea of a soap that had it’s own washcloth and was a gentle exfoliant 😀

So off I went doing reserach.  Came across a couple  blogs that described the process and an article in Saponifier (those helped).  Asked questions.  Bought wool roving.  Then set to work.

My first attempt didn’t go so great.

I think the wool was too thick.  Once it dried I thinned out the thicker portions and then stretched it over the soap and refelted.  It worked better.

This worked a little better but I still think it was too thick.  Going to also try using a nylon to start with as I’ve seen suggested in a couple places…I hope that will help me get started better.  So with those lessons in mind it’s off to try my next felted bar of soap!


2 Responses to Felted Soaps

  1. That sounds really neat! Looks pretty too

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks! I’m going to use it tonight and see how it holds up! Definitely going to work on more bars!

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