Mica Testing – Round 1

COLOR: Coral

Initial Thoughts: Really pretty coral color in the bag!  I really was hoping it wouldn’t morph.

Results: It did morph.  I thought it would.  When I mixed it in the soap it became very orange-y and as it cured it lighted a bit, and it definitely has a coral feel to it, just a more muted earthy coral than the bright and vibrant one.  Still a pretty color and it’ll work for what I want to do with it.

COLOR: Blackstar Gold

Initial Thoughts: Basic brown.

Results: This turned out exactly how I thought it would.  It did get a slight layer of ash to it. I poured thin flat layers (cause I was using these for cutouts) and you can see how the top side is whitish.  I also added a fair amount of brown mica to get this color.  This is one of those where I little doesn’t go a long way.  Also, I used this on a batch of soap that had a very yellow fragrance in it and that affected it a little.  I should have added more color and I didn’t so they’re much lighter in color.


Initial Thoughts: Love this color.  It’s so pretty.

Results: What you see is what you get.  This one mixed with absolutely no color change at all.  Really nice color and I didn’t have to use a tone of mica to the get it either!

COLOR: Shimmering Sea Foam

Initial Thoughts: I love this kind of muted green.

Results: The color stayed pretty much true to the original mica.  I do think with some fragrance oils there might be a little bit of color morphing (especially a FO heavy in yellow).  This one also collected a layer of ash, but again I was just pouring a small flat and thin batch lots of air getting into the mold…but I had poured a little too thick so I cut the leaves in half and the middle is the pretty green!


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