Goat’s Milk: Experiment #4

First off, Happy Birthday to my awesome little sis!

Now back to soap!  For batch four I tried a new recipe.  I took a recipe that I really liked the sound of and altered it slightly!  Big deal for me.  This is the first recipe I’ve “altered” ever.  I’m getting bolder ha!  All I did was add a little bit of palm oil. There was already a high percentage of coconut oil so I figured it would be a pretty hard bar (especially with all the butters), but I like palm oil and so I added just a little to this recipe.  Very interested to see how it is when I use it. I think it’ll be a very soothing and moisturizing bar.

8 oz. Mango Butter
8 oz. Shea Butter
16 oz. Olive Oil
10 oz. Coconut oil, 76 degree
5 oz. Palm oil
Lye: 7.75 oz.
Water/Milk by volume: 18.15 oz

For this batch I used goat’s milk I got from my local health food store again. I really like the lighter tone/color I get from it. I froze it before hand. Then slowly added lye to it.  I had it in an ice bath like the other batches and I didn’t let temps get above 80 degrees.

Yup, still go the ammonia smell.  Though it doesn’t really worry me much any more now.  Since it hasn’t affected any of my previous batches.

My biggest concern wit these is that not all the lye is dissolved.  I mix and mix and mix and it is all liquid, but there look like there are little grains of lye still in it.  I let it sit for a long time out of the ice bath and kept mixing it but it still looked like they weren’t dissolving…not sure if that will always be the case.  Initial tongue zap tests don’t give me a jolt but there was the slightly bit of a tingle. I bought some ph strips to test them…of all the things this is really the only thing that worries me about these batches.  There aren’t any visible “white” spots of lye showing… and the soaps feels smooth (not like there are any bit of lye in it…ahh guess we’ll see what happens. *fingers crossed*

Hard to tell in this picture, but it's really creamy...thick...I have a light yellow color.

Once the lye was all mixed in with the milk I added it to the oils and stick blended it. I stick blended for a fair amount of time and only ever reached a light trace, but it set up just fine. Now that I’m feeling more confident I decided it was time to introduce some color!

I decided to go with rose clay (for the majority) and a little bit of Woad Root which I swirled into it. We’ll see how this turns out. I went with fruity combination: orange, grapefruit, lime, tangerine and clementine with a touch of cinnamon…I’m hoping all these fruit EO hold up and have some staying power in the soap and that the cinnamon gives it a little kick. We’ll see what happens. All together it’s quite a fruity scent…which I really like. I’m think I might call this soap Citrus Burst.

I poured this batch into one of my 5lb molds. I didn’t not insulate it. I wasn’t sure if there’d be some gel action just because it was in the bigger mold, but I figured it wouldn’t be like batch 2’s gel phase when I did insulate it.

An hour after pouring (uncovered) and it's already going through a gel phase. The entire loaf heated up and had a big gel phase...

Color Verdict: I’m going to stick to the natural creamy orange of non colored soap.  With all the “fruit” EO in this the rose turned to a more orange color and the blue and orange do look cool, but I love the creamy yellow and oranges I got with no color.

Also, the 5lb mold puts itself through a gel phase (even NOT covered).  I think when I make batches I’ll put them in two 2 1/2lb molds from now on.  They don’t go through a gel phase.  And while I normally love my soaps to go through the gel phase, for the goat’s milk I don’t want them to–at least not as fully as this batch and my second one did.

Hardness: I think the gel phase is making the loaf much harder.  Going to try the same recipe tomorrow but in two separate molds with no gel phase and compare the hardness. After less than 12 hours this batch was HARD. I mean HARD. I tried to put my finger into it and it wouldn’t budge. I wanted to unmold and cut it but I could see it was still in the gel phase and the middle probably wasn’t like the outside yet.  I ended up just cutting this one by hand.  Again, I’ll try the same recipe (which I expected to make a hard bar because of all the solid oils in it, just not as hard as I’ve been getting) and put them in separate molds and see what I get. I might even put one in the fridge again…

The nice rose morphed to a deep orange. I think I like this soap natural. No colorants being added from now on.

Stay Tuned for my thoughts on Batch 5 tomorrow.  This will be my last “test” batch.  I’m going to be using FO instead of EO.  And I’m going to try some micas…at least for one of the batches (I think). I’ve been known to change my mind at the last minute 😀


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