Fun Embeds…

I have wanted to embed a round loaf into a rectangle loaf for a long time now…so this week I worked on doing that.  It didn’t start out too smoothly. I was pouring into two round tubes (as one wouldn’t be long enough to fill the whole mold.  Well as I was pouring the second tube the bottom split open on me! I was able to salvage most of it cause I had my pot right next to it so I dumped the cascading soap into it and then poured it into a silicon mold which I ended up cutting into squares and embedding…but it didn’t start out smoothly.  I might try to cut the round soap in half next time…well see.  All in all for something that I didn’t think would come out good it wasn’t half bad.

Pretty cool looking all in all!

I didn't get soap all the way around the round soap! I didn't pour a lot in the bottom to start and I think that would have really helped and I wouldn't have had the air pocket problems.

Oops! Missing soap. Though they still look cool.

This one was missing so much soap there was just a little piece on the edge so I just removed it for a fun looking soap shape!

These were the square embeds which I really like too!

The I wanted to create something from a MP project I’d seen with CP soap.  It worked well and I love the look of it. I just messed up on alternating my colors. Oops!  But it still looks neat.

These were the cubes I made to insert into a bigger loaf.

Pushed the top pink one down too far and lost the soap inbetween but still cool.

Used some of the left over pieces from the first batch in these as well.


2 Responses to Fun Embeds…

  1. Cristie says:

    both of you soap look great… I just made cp soap with mp pour also…accelerated on me and didnt cover the sides lol funny how that happens

    thanks for all the experiments…I like to see fellow soapers doing their thing.

  2. Amy Warden says:

    These are so great, Jennifer!! I’ve been thinking about embeds lately as well…I guess that’s how I ended up with the lemonade soap. It takes a little more planning than just a “regular” soap!

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