Soap Challenge #2: Milk Soap

March 31, 2012

So I just did a huge experiment with Goat’s milk soap about a month ago.  It’d never used goat’s milk in soap before and I wanted to try it.  So after a lot of reading and studying I had five different experiments to try. You can read about each of those posts here:

Since I have more goat’s milk soap than I know what to do with right now I didn’t need to make another batch.  So instead I decided to use coconut milk.  I’ve had it for a month now and have been meaning to use it I’ve just never gotten around to it.

(After mixing my lye water the first time, forgetting to discount my water to allow for my milk, I then) mixed 1 to 1 solution water/lye and then added it to my oils.  Once it had reached light trace I added my coconut milk.  I used one of my best selling soaps Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.  Figured this recipe might be fun to actually have milk in it!  I used ground oatmeal and some cinnamon in the batch as well.  Nothing fancy but a delicious smelling soap it is!


Soap Challenge #1: In the Pot Swirling

March 24, 2012

Amy over at Great Cakes Soapworks designed a series of weekly challenges for use soap makers all around the world!  The challenge for the first week was In the Pot Swirling.  You can check out more about the challenges here.  All are welcome to participate so come join us if you want!

I’ve done in the pot swirling many times before.  For me the challenge was to use one more color than I’d have have before.  Which I thought would be five colors, but when I went back and looked over all my past soaps I realized I’ve never tried it with more than three colors.  I’d attempted to do five one time but the fragrance oil I used thickened so fast that I ended up just plopping colors into the mold because it was too think to swirl.

So I went with four colors for this challenge, but then I thought wouldn’t it be fun to have embeds in the swirl?  I’ve done embeds.  And I’ve done swirling, but never the two together.  I had pink soap balls that I’d recently made and new they were going in this new soap.  I used purple, green, blue and yellow as my swirl colors.

After a little bit of thinking I had two ideas I wanted to try. This sketch was the start of the project. I'm typically a sketcher. I like to "see" my ideas and I'll sketch them out.

Then I thought it’s be cool to have a block of swirled soap embedded into a solid color.  And that’s how these two soaps came to be :).

Love the colors. They actually ended up a bit darker than I was going for, not as bright in the soap, but I still love them.

After I poured the loaf swirled batch with the embedded pink balls I poured the remaining mixture into individual square molds.  I wasn’t sure how the swirl would come out pouring into such a relatively small space, but it seems to have worked.  I think it looks cool.

From the outside they look like they've got a nice swirl. Hopefully when I cut them in the batch of soap they look just as cool!

Tuesday I cut the swirl soap with the pink ball embeds.  They’re so much fun!  I love how the soap looks.  It’s bright and cheery and pretty cool looking.

Look at those swirls! I love them. Especially since I thought my soap have thickened a little too much to give me the fine swirls that I got!

I also removed the square swirl soaps and made a new batch of soap that I colored pink (I have a slight obsession with Bramble Berry’s bubblegum pink if you haven’t noticed).  Then I embedded the swirled squares into the pink base.  I can’t decide which I like more.  The embedded squares I think are winning out!

I love how the squares swirled. I wasn't sure they come out too great (swirling such a small piece of soap but they've all got really cool swirls.

I couldn’t wait to cut the soap the next morning to see what I ended up with.  I think they look really cool!  I love trying to come up with something new and this challenge did.  Lots of fun!

And some more pictures…just because I took a bunch and couldn’t narrow them down!

Swirls and embeds - Bordeaux Blend Fragrance

So pretty!

I do love the color combination.

And there you have it. Challenge 1: In the Pot Swirl (with a twist)!

Gotta love micas sometimes!

March 5, 2012

I’ve been trying out mica from The Concervatorie.  I keep trying new colors (I get small samples to test…then the ones I’m loving I’ve been buying larger amounts in).  Well I have two yellows I currently use.  One is a neon yellow from BB (which gives a nice deep yellow.  The other is a labcolor which is so blindingly bright I don’t use it that often.  I wanted a really nice bright cheery yellow.

So, I tried a couple different yellow micas from The Concervatorie.  When I got my “Lemon Drop” I was in love.  It was the perfect color I was looking for!  However any soap maker knows that CP soap can do wacky things to colors.   So I tested them in a small batch I poured that I was going to cut Easter eggs out of.  When I mixed the soap and mica my color turned ORANGE.  Bright orange! (I actually really loved the color so I wasn’t too disappointed because I figured I’d just use the mica when I wanted an orange color).

Well the next morning when I got up and uncovered the soap my orange was half orange…half yellow!  And the yellow was turning into the exact color I wanted!

So, hoping that this would happen again I made a large batch of Easter cupcakes!  Pictures below!

Can you say orange!

That's the color of the mica on the bottom. I was a little worried as I piped the cupcakes. I had in mind these cute green based cupcakes with a light cheery yellow top (kind of like a flower) and an Easter egg on the side hidden under the flower.

*Big sigh of relief* This was about 16 hours after piping. The orange is going away!

The orange is practically gone here after 24 hours. 48 hours later and the cupcakes are all yellow (thank goodness)! Gotta love CP soap!