Gotta love micas sometimes!

I’ve been trying out mica from The Concervatorie.  I keep trying new colors (I get small samples to test…then the ones I’m loving I’ve been buying larger amounts in).  Well I have two yellows I currently use.  One is a neon yellow from BB (which gives a nice deep yellow.  The other is a labcolor which is so blindingly bright I don’t use it that often.  I wanted a really nice bright cheery yellow.

So, I tried a couple different yellow micas from The Concervatorie.  When I got my “Lemon Drop” I was in love.  It was the perfect color I was looking for!  However any soap maker knows that CP soap can do wacky things to colors.   So I tested them in a small batch I poured that I was going to cut Easter eggs out of.  When I mixed the soap and mica my color turned ORANGE.  Bright orange! (I actually really loved the color so I wasn’t too disappointed because I figured I’d just use the mica when I wanted an orange color).

Well the next morning when I got up and uncovered the soap my orange was half orange…half yellow!  And the yellow was turning into the exact color I wanted!

So, hoping that this would happen again I made a large batch of Easter cupcakes!  Pictures below!

Can you say orange!

That's the color of the mica on the bottom. I was a little worried as I piped the cupcakes. I had in mind these cute green based cupcakes with a light cheery yellow top (kind of like a flower) and an Easter egg on the side hidden under the flower.

*Big sigh of relief* This was about 16 hours after piping. The orange is going away!

The orange is practically gone here after 24 hours. 48 hours later and the cupcakes are all yellow (thank goodness)! Gotta love CP soap!



7 Responses to Gotta love micas sometimes!

  1. Amy Warden says:

    That’s just crazy!! I use the Magic Yellow without any problems.

  2. Jennifer Marie Hofmann says:

    Yeah! I’ve had colors morph but never quite like this. The funny thing is that it actually DID end up the color I wanted ha!

  3. What delectable cupcakes! The micas that you used make them sparkle so beautifully and your piping is INCREDIBLE!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thank you Anne-Marie 🙂 Lots and lots of practice has paid off!

  5. Oh I’ve used that yellow several times and it was just yellow. Wonder if your FO/EO affected it too? The cupcakes are DIVINE!!!

  6. BTW found your blog via Great Cakes & Amy … am going to add it to my blog roll at

    • The Damsels says:

      Welcome Celine! The funny thing is this mica changed to that orange on me without fragrance and with two different fragrances (two different batches)! Jennifer

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