Soap Challenge #2: Milk Soap

So I just did a huge experiment with Goat’s milk soap about a month ago.  It’d never used goat’s milk in soap before and I wanted to try it.  So after a lot of reading and studying I had five different experiments to try. You can read about each of those posts here:

Since I have more goat’s milk soap than I know what to do with right now I didn’t need to make another batch.  So instead I decided to use coconut milk.  I’ve had it for a month now and have been meaning to use it I’ve just never gotten around to it.

(After mixing my lye water the first time, forgetting to discount my water to allow for my milk, I then) mixed 1 to 1 solution water/lye and then added it to my oils.  Once it had reached light trace I added my coconut milk.  I used one of my best selling soaps Oatmeal, Milk & Honey.  Figured this recipe might be fun to actually have milk in it!  I used ground oatmeal and some cinnamon in the batch as well.  Nothing fancy but a delicious smelling soap it is!


10 Responses to Soap Challenge #2: Milk Soap

  1. tlr4615 says:

    Looks great and I love the oats on top. Oatmeal milk and honey is one of my favorite scents.

  2. tlr4615 says:

    Looks great and I love the oats on top.

  3. I really like your coconut milk soap, good choice of fragrance too, it’s one of my favorites too, x Linda

  4. Oatmeal and Honey, mmmmm one of my favorite smells. Lovely coloured soap as well.

  5. Pam says:

    This is a beautiful soap and one of my personal favorites also. Isn’t coconut milk so wonderful! I love the bubbles it makes too.

  6. Beautiful!!! O,M,H is one of my favorites too and is definitely a best seller for me.

  7. Carol says:

    OMH is my personal fav. I love that you added cinnamon! I think the plain bars are some of the most beautiful.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks Carol! Yeah I love the simple ones best too sometimes! (Not that I don’t have fun with the crazy ones too hehe)

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thanks everyone!

  9. Diana says:

    Looks fantastic! I have been wanting to try coconut milk.

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