Soap Challenge #3: Pipping

This isn’t really a challenge…and I wasn’t sure how to make it a challenge for me.  You see I’ve been piping soap for over a year now. I fell in love with a soap cupcake I saw when I first started making soap and I HAD to learn how to make my own.  A year of practice and to me piping is just fun!  It took me a lot of practice, but now I think I could do it in my sleep.

Cupcakes aren’t the most practical soap to use, but they can be used.  I typically separate the top from the bottom for use.  Most people who buy cupcakes do display them.  That’s part of why they paid more for them in the first place because they wanted to show them off.  Most people I talk with who buy them use the cupcakes eventually.  For me soap making isn’t just about making an awesome bar of soap.  Yes, I want a great bar of soap to use, but I also like to create soaps that make people smile, that fascinate them, that they proudly show off.

What I decided to do was finish up some Soap Sundaes I was working on (which just needed the whipped cream pipped and chocolate sauce added).

Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry Sundae with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, a cherry on top and of course sprinkles! All soap!

I’m also including pictures of my cupcakes I’ve worked on in the past couple months.  I don’t need more right now so I didn’t make a new batch for this challenge, but all of these are less than two month old cupcakes.

And to finish up the challenge I started working on another soap cake.  I did my first one about a month ago (see the picture below) and it turned out okay, but there was a lot of stuff I needed to improve on.

I had poured two soap bases this time.  I had my well sketched and planned out cakes.  And of course they turned out nothing like what I was planning.  I’m finding soap is much harder to pipe flowers with than icing is.  When I went to frost the cake my soap mixture seized.  I’ve decided that I’ll put a fragrance in the base, but I’m no longer adding vanilla to the frosting because it just makes it too hard to work with.

The one think about this, is that is easy to use this after you're done "displaying". I cut the layers between each cake so when you're read you can break off each later and asides from the last cake (bottom) being a little big the other two are a perfect fit for the hand.

I went with a deep pink and yellow.  Yes, the picture is orange right now 🙂  Micas and lye…this picture was taken just after I finished.  In twenty four hours the orange should change to yellow.

I tried two similar versions. The one on the right I did first. I liked it, but thought I should try another version where I added more flowers so it looked like they were climbing up the base of the cake and so that's how I got the two.

Here are some up close shots.  Still not happy with my pipping 100%.  I’ve gotta test all my tips I think.  See how they work…what I can do with them…and then try another cake.

After curing for 24 hours the yellow was still orange…but you could see it was changing.  I spritzed the heck out of them with rubbing alcohol in hopes that they wouldn’t pick up that little bit of white ash that the first cake got.  It still got some, but not as much. I also tried to pipe less “fine” detail in hopes that when the soap dried and “shrunk” I wouldn’t get breaks in some of the pipping like I did on the first one.  Overall, it was better than my first attempt, but still needs work.  These are so much work I’m not sure it’s worth making them, but they are fun and they do challenge me.  So I guess when there’s an occasion for it I might make them but for now…I’m done experimenting with these. They’re just not worth the effort.  And I don’t have a picture of the final one because as of Saturday morning (now) it’s still a mix of yellow and orange.

25 Responses to Soap Challenge #3: Pipping

  1. tlr4615 says:

    Wow! You are a piping pro. All very pretty.

  2. Holly says:

    WOW! You do seem to have the piping thing figured out! Amazing work!

  3. mijnzeep1 says:

    Wow, amazing, and so many :)).
    They are all very nice!


  4. They all look absolutely edible! I love the chocolate sundae! Great job!

  5. Amy Warden says:

    You have definitely mastered the piped soap!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us – I especially love all the soapy details of the ice cream sundae!! They are ALL just beautiful!

  6. insanityisfun says:

    Fantastic! The cupcakes are so realistic, I want to take a big lick of the frosting lol!

  7. Carol says:

    The sundae is amazing! I can’t even begin to imagine making a 3 tiered cake and decorating it-yikes! You got skillz!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thanks everyone! 🙂

  9. Your Chocolate Sundae is fantastic, I love the chocolate sauce, in fact the whole look of it all together. Your cakes are beautiful too.

  10. Deb Stanley says:

    Wow!!! I love you work.

  11. Eileen says:

    Wow, very impressive. I love the sundae, so fun.

  12. tberryer says:

    You put your best masterpiece first! Thanks for sharing the details with your experience too! I’m hoping they can be marketed as party favors. How much do your cupcakes weight?

  13. Jennifer says:

    My cupcakes are about 5-6oz. (Depends on how much frosting I use. The bases are a normal cupcakes size about 2.5-2.8 oz).

  14. Barbara says:

    Oh my goodness, you do beautiful work!! The sundae looks so realistic and your piping skills are great!! Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging me to keep trying =)

  15. Diana says:

    OMG I am left speechless… are very talented! Very beautiful!

  16. I really love all your work. Absolutely stunning!! I agree with the cakes and things, they are such a lot of work.
    Your sundae is so realistic and gorgeous. Beautiful, beautiful work, xx Linda

  17. Pam says:

    Such beautiful creations! Such talent I can say that after 3 attempts at piping, it is an art no doubt about that!

  18. twoblooms says:

    Wow, amazing. I love the hot pink one. Looks like you have this technique down pat.


  19. WOW! I love your Soap Sundaes, they look good enough to eat! You have a beautiful talent with piping, I can’t wait to see more!

  20. Jennifer says:

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments!

  21. […] via Nancy on […]

  22. Thérèse says:

    Can you tell me is your icing all safe natural products and if so how are you getting it to hold up? Ours stays soft and if you bag it ofcourse it squished into a mess? Any suggestions are very much appreciated

  23. Nishita says:

    Wow!! I’m so amazed with the color combinations of your soaps..they are beautiful..
    What mold did you use for the topping that are shaped like a lamp on pink cup cakes?

  24. Shelly says:

    Jen you are a smarty pants!!! Just fabulous😁😁

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