This is what FAILURE looks like…

I have not had the best of luck this past week with soap.  I tried two new things.  One, a soap with alcohol which seized in the pot in two seconds flat.  And the second was as I was trying to blend some fragrance oils.  The entire batch separated and went grainy on me.  NO amount of stick blending pulled it back together.  *sigh* I haven’t had a week like this in over a year.  It’s been slightly frustrating!


You can really see the separation here. Don't use a blend of peach-salsa, coconut, guava, and exotic fruit smoothie together. You'll get this!


One Response to This is what FAILURE looks like…

  1. drayna93 says:

    WOW! This just happened to me tonight! I have never dealt with separation before. At first I thought maybe it was the goat’s milk curdling, I added concentrated GM to the batch and a 50/50 lye solution b/c I am impatient about slowly adding lye to frozen GM, but that has worked for me before. I stick blended the heck out of it and it made it worse. So I pulled out the crockpot and stirred it on low heat for about 20 minutes, it completely smoothed out the soap. So I put poured it back in the mold. I was surprised it was still pourable, It was at a very thick trace though. then I stuck in it the freezer, it has been in there a couple of hours. I am afraid if I let it gel it will start separating again, so it remains to be seen if it turns out OK.
    My FO was Mango Peach Salsa that I ordered from a supplier that I never used before and had no reviews.
    Lesson learned, but usually fruit scents don,t give me a a problem.
    Sorry for the long post.

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