Elegant soap…completely by accident :)

May 30, 2012

I had it in my head I wanted to try and make a “city scape” landscape soap.  I knew I’d make the building outlines out of black so I poured that first batch.  I’d over calculated though and had a fair amount of extra soap–all black soap!  I wanted to do something with it but didn’t know what.  I decided to split the remaining soap up and add some titanium dioxide to part of the black to get a gray and then I did an in the pot swirl and poured them into my cube mold (I’m fast falling in love with this mold :))

When I went to make my city scape (see picture below – Not quite what I was going for, but I tried it and that’s what I wanted to do) I knew I’d have enough left over soap that I could make a small 2.5 lb batch and embed the swirled cubes I’d poured the other day.  I figured since I had black and gray that white would be a good color to go with it so I made the batch white, embedded the cubes and didn’t think much of it…until the next day when I cut it.


I must have been subconsciously thinking I could stamp these bars, because I unintentionally embedded them off centered.  Once I cut them I knew instantly that stamping them would look awesome.  I just adore how these came out!  I’m going to use a similar technique now to make some cherry-almond soaps! Stay tuned for those.

Pictures GALORE! Sorry, I couldn’t narrow my choices down 🙂


Experimenting with Gradient Soaps

May 28, 2012

I was first introduce to this soap in Challenge #7 from Amy’s challenges over on Great Cake Soapworks.  You can find my post with pictures here: GREEN GRADIENT

I love the green so much I decided to try it with other colors.  Some were successes, some not as much, but overall I learned a lot and LOVE the technique.

Pink (very very pink)

I LOVE pink. Especially BB’s Bubblegum pink…but even this bar is a bit too much pink for me 😀 The gradient did work well though.


Purples always worry me. Too often they look muted and I was afraid adding white to my purple would just make it look muted and not good. So I decided to just do part of the batch in gradient and then take a white and deep purple and kind of layer/swirl it for the top portion. I think it made this bar work. If I’d done a gradient all the way I really think it would have been too muted for my liking.


The gray overtook the periwinkle here. Next time I’ll make the periwinkle the more dominate color.


Again the red got a little lost in the orange but I still like this soap.


Overall it worked. I can’t say it’s my favorite of all the ones I tried, but it still looks cool.


This is too muted for me. I wish it was brighter, but it worked really well as a gradient 🙂

And there you have it.  My experiments doing gradient with different colors.  Now the next challenge is to try a gradient with 3 colors!

Soap Challenge #10: Landscape Soap

May 26, 2012


I had fun with these!  The first idea I had was to do a moon scape.  I made my moon (loved how it came out).  Then I wanted to use the gradient technique again.  I used a blue/periwinkle and a gray.  The gray overtook the blue (you can kind of see the gradient). If I do this again I’ll definitely cut down the gray and increase the periwinkle.  I think it will make a pretty soap!

Moon Scape

If you look you can see the gradient in the soap, but it’s not obvious.

This was take two.  I used a much lighter gray.  I’m not sure what I think.  Naturally I’m drawn toward the darker one, but I like this one too.  It just has a completely different feel to it.  More like dusk than deep night I guess.

There still isn’t the gradient I want between the blue and the gray…seems you get one then it just goes to the other, but overall still cool.

Version #2 of my Moonscape

Then I tried a sunset.  For the ocean I made a swirl between two very similar blues.  I like how it came out.  Some subtle contrast and just makes the sea look more realistic to me.  Then the sun sunk a little below the horizon line *sigh*  I probably should have poured it in separate batches.  I tried to wait for the soap to set up enough but the sun was just a little too heavy.

Next I tried to gradient from red to orange (or coral).  It worked, but again it’s much more subtle.  The orange overtook the red.  Overall I still really like this soap!

Relaxing calm evening 🙂 Fresh Bamboo FO.

Wished I’d gotten a straight horizon…but overall it’s still cool.

Just another view 😀

And here’s take two.  The soap (sunset part) got hard and didn’t cut as smoothly in the wire cutter (the blue and sun did fine) but the gradient I think worked a little better.  It’s a little pale right now the orange but it’s been slowly getting darker.

Take Two: Slightly better that the first version…

Black Raspberry-Vanilla Cupcakes

May 23, 2012

Pre-pictures of my black raspberry-vanilla soap!  They’re still in their molds, but thought you’d enjoy a sneak peak 🙂

Soap Challenge #9: Peaked Tops

May 19, 2012

I’m back.  Yes I sat out last week.  I’ve made salt bars before and I’m just not a fan of them so I spent the week working on restocks I need of other soaps.

Now on to this week’s challenge!  Oh my word!  May I just say my soap was being difficult this week.  Every batch I made refused to get thick.  I finally got my Black-Raspberry & Vanilla batch to get thick enough for me to do some small peaked tops (note key word is “small” here).

The soap just wasn’t thick enough for it to hold the peaks.

I still like how this soap came out, even if the peaks aren’t prominent.

Probably one of the best bars of the entire batch (peak wise).

As you can see in the pictures I also layered this soap and embedded hearts in the top later…that made doing the peaks a bit more difficult too.  Overall I think it’s a cute soap and I’ll definitely keep the technique in mind for future batches.

Black Raspberry Vanilla 🙂

Sample Packs – Coming soon to my Markets!

May 18, 2012

I’ve started to change how I cut my bars so now I’m left with small end pieces. Great for sample bars for someone who wants to just try out a soap or scent before buying more!  The prices range from $1.00 to $2.50 (based on weight).

I love how the packaging worked out.

I’m excited to see how these go over at the fairs.  🙂

Mini Cupcakes!

May 14, 2012

I made mini cupcakes a while back because I would typically have a little bit of soap left over when making my larger cupcakes.  I figured it was usually enough for a couple mini cupcakes and it was a good use for the soap.

Well I started selling them at my markets and fairs and they’ve been REALLY popular.  So, now I make full batches of mini cupcakes.  I just restocked on a bunch of different scents!

  • Black Raspberry-Vanilla
  • Neapolitan
  • Mint Chocolate Chip
  • Cherry Almond – Vanilla
  • Strawberry-Vanilla
  • Energy
  • Sandalwood-Vanilla