Pie Soap Tutorial

June 21, 2012

I’ve had so many people ask exactly how I did my pie soap I decided to just put together a quick picture tutorial to show everyone the process.  It’s really quite simple…just a little time consuming…but totally worth the effort.

Step 1: Two days before I made the soap I poured a small amount of soap (10 oz.) into a 1 1/2″ PVC tube.  Unmolded it about 2 days later.  Then I cut it into slices and cut the slices in half so it sort of looked like peach slice.

Step 2: Once they were ready I mixed up a batch of soap.  I set about 1.5 cups aside for the crust then split the rest into two colors.  Then I proceeded to in the pot swirl the two.

Step 3: Once that was poured I embedded all the peach soaps I’d cut up.

Step 4: Next I mixed up my pie crust soap.  This one didn’t want to thicken.  It finally got thick enough to pipe, but not as thick I I’d have liked it to be.

Step 5: For piping the soap I used a #47 tip for the lattice and a #17 or #18 for the edge.

Step 6: I pip the crisscross lattice first.  I find it works best if you keep your tip as close to the soap as you can.  Once you get the crisscross pattern then go around your soap to create the edge crust.

Finally I sprinkled some glitter on top and after 18-24 hours it’s ready to cut!



Look who’s infusing :)

June 20, 2012

I’ve been meaning to infuse some olive oil for ages.  Finally got around to it about two weeks ago.  I want to use small amounts of the infused oil in some of my soaps.  I hope it adds a little something extra to the soap.  Especially the vanilla bean.  I’m thinking if I add a small amount of the oil to soaps like my apple pie or and berry pie I make it might add a little bit of “something extra” to the soap 🙂

I have some other natural colorants and herbs/spices I want to try infusing in oils to.  Eventually I’ll get to it!  Baby steps!

My Molds!

June 19, 2012

I’m teaching some CP classes.  For the basic introduction classes I’m using PVC pipe.  Works great.  However for the advance classes I really needed a loaf mold.  It’s kind of hard to do a swirl soap in a PVC tube.  The problem was finding a mold that wasn’t too expensive.  I didn’t want to spend over $10 on the mold.

So, I was in Lowes picking up some supplies and thought I could build one. Something simple (with no dowels or anything).  I went by the lumber section and found what I needed.  Got my dad to teach me how to use his table saw so I could cut the pieces.  Then it was a simple matter of some sanding to smooth the edges and then gluing and stapling and I had $10 molds!

Aren’t they nice?!?!

I got 1/4″ wood for the bottom base.  Then 1/2″ for the “anchor” base.  Glued it in place and then just built a box that slid over the anchor base.

The top just slides over the base and stays secure in place by the 1/2″ piece of wood glued to the base.

You can see that these are much bigger than the standard 2lb/3lb soap molds.

To keep things simple with this experiment I took the 24″ lengths of wood I got and divided them in half. One, I didn’t want to waste wood and have little pieces left over that I couldn’t use. And two, I didn’t want to get more complicated than I had to to start with.

The dimensions for my mold are:

Width: 3.5″ Height/Depth: 2.625″ Length: 11″  –> Volume wise that gives me 101 cubic inches (approx. 56 ounces).

The dimensions for the silicon mold are:

Width: 3.5″ Height/Depth: 2.25″ Length: 8″  –> Volume wise that gives me 63 cubic inches (approx. 34 ounces).

(Hopefully I did my math right!)

So you can see mine holds significantly more.  I’m going to have to play around with the size bars I get for a 1.5lb batch, 2lb batch, 2.5lb batch.  I think if I were making this and wanted to get the same dimension bars as I get from my 5lb mold I’d have to use about 3lb of soap…some experimenting will follow.

What I learned from this is that I can make a simple mold (cost effectively) this way.  Next time I’ll by the longer wood and then cut them up to be closer in size to the silicon mold for my classes.

Super easy to line too! Love the molds!

Go check out Bramble Berry’s Challenge!

June 11, 2012

I can’t say no to a challenge…especially when it involves soap!  Amy’s soap challenges just finished for the summer and I was having withdrawals…well I wasn’t…not quite yet.  I’ve been flat out too busy wit markets, fairs and restocks, but trust me it would have hit me the instant I had two minutes to sit and think! 🙂

Now Bramble Berry (a.k.a Soap Queen) is having a series of challenges too. The first one is MP Layers.  And I have an idea! I have to actually custom make a mold for it! So that will be the first challenge.  Go check it out and come join in the fun!  You know you want to!

Find the challenge here: Melt and Pour Layers

Peach Pie Anyone??

June 6, 2012

I wanted to do a lattice pipped crust over a batch of soap a couple weeks ago, but the two that came to mind were cherry and blueberry to do as a pie.  I already had cherry almond soaps and didn’t want cherry and while I LOVE blueberries the fragrance I had isn’t my favorite and it discolors big time.  Then I was going through my fragrances and realized I had peach and I could make a pie out of that!

First step I poured a small batch into a PVC tube.  Cut it into slices then cut the slices in half so they kind of looked like peach wedges.

I did an in the pot swirl of orange and white.  Then I laid the peach slices over the top and finally pipped the lattice pie top over that.  I love how it looks in the mold.  I didn’t want to cut it!

Just after pouring/piping:

Before cutting:

Sliced Peach Pie Soap (can you say yum!):

I’m going to do an apple/cinnamon version too.  A little bit later, probably for the fall/winter.

Honey & Lemon w/ Coconut Milk

June 3, 2012

Sneak peak at the batch I just made: Honey & Lemon w/ Coconut Milk!  I used honey, coconut milk, and lemon essential oil.  Sprinkled some oats on top.  Then embedded honeycomb soap on top of that.  The honeycomb is MP.  I “dusted” it in gold mica.  The dusting involved sprinkling the mica on then “blowing” it across the top.  Let’s just say I created quite a mess 🙂 and I had a slightly gold face when done.  The things I’ll do to get a perfect batch of soap!


Soap Challenge #11: Natural Ingredients

June 2, 2012

Last challenge!  I think I might have withdrawals next week when I have nothing new to try!  Anyway, for this challenge I wanted to use seaweed powder…I still plan to make a batch using it, but it didn’t happen for this challenge.  I just ran out of time to get to it by the time it arrive (Thursday later afternoon) here.

What I did do was another sort of landscape soap. I know I’m slightly obsessed.  Actually this one I saw someone else had created a beach scape and I loved it.  It was gorgeous!  I’ve had this fragrance Pineapple-Cilantro for a couple weeks that I’ve wanted to use in a soap but couldn’t come up with a design for the loaf.  When I saw the beach it just screamed perfect fit.  Oh man the soap smells AMAZING and looks pretty cool too.

Okay, on to the natural ingredients.  I used tussah silk in the batch.  Can’t wait to see how this changed the properties of the bar!  And then I experimented with Apricot kernel powder and strawberry seeds to make the sandy beach.  I have to say I was really pleased with the effect.  Wasn’t sure how it would come out but it looks like sand to me!

So, now I have a silky bar that part of it will also act as an exfoliant.  I’m cool with that 🙂