My Molds!

I’m teaching some CP classes.  For the basic introduction classes I’m using PVC pipe.  Works great.  However for the advance classes I really needed a loaf mold.  It’s kind of hard to do a swirl soap in a PVC tube.  The problem was finding a mold that wasn’t too expensive.  I didn’t want to spend over $10 on the mold.

So, I was in Lowes picking up some supplies and thought I could build one. Something simple (with no dowels or anything).  I went by the lumber section and found what I needed.  Got my dad to teach me how to use his table saw so I could cut the pieces.  Then it was a simple matter of some sanding to smooth the edges and then gluing and stapling and I had $10 molds!

Aren’t they nice?!?!

I got 1/4″ wood for the bottom base.  Then 1/2″ for the “anchor” base.  Glued it in place and then just built a box that slid over the anchor base.

The top just slides over the base and stays secure in place by the 1/2″ piece of wood glued to the base.

You can see that these are much bigger than the standard 2lb/3lb soap molds.

To keep things simple with this experiment I took the 24″ lengths of wood I got and divided them in half. One, I didn’t want to waste wood and have little pieces left over that I couldn’t use. And two, I didn’t want to get more complicated than I had to to start with.

The dimensions for my mold are:

Width: 3.5″ Height/Depth: 2.625″ Length: 11″  –> Volume wise that gives me 101 cubic inches (approx. 56 ounces).

The dimensions for the silicon mold are:

Width: 3.5″ Height/Depth: 2.25″ Length: 8″  –> Volume wise that gives me 63 cubic inches (approx. 34 ounces).

(Hopefully I did my math right!)

So you can see mine holds significantly more.  I’m going to have to play around with the size bars I get for a 1.5lb batch, 2lb batch, 2.5lb batch.  I think if I were making this and wanted to get the same dimension bars as I get from my 5lb mold I’d have to use about 3lb of soap…some experimenting will follow.

What I learned from this is that I can make a simple mold (cost effectively) this way.  Next time I’ll by the longer wood and then cut them up to be closer in size to the silicon mold for my classes.

Super easy to line too! Love the molds!


One Response to My Molds!

  1. Catherine says:

    This is a brilliant and cost effective design. Basically, no extra hardware to purchase like hinges or hook and eyes! Great job. Thanks for sharing.

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