Finally started my winter soaps :)

July 30, 2012

Normally I start making my Fall/Winter soaps the beginning of July.  That just didn’t happen this year.  I JUST made my first batch today.  I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with restocks to this point I haven’t had time to even think about my winter soaps.

I started with Santa’s Spruce (from Bramble Berry).  I love this fragrance and it was a really good seller last year too.  I got so many compliments on the design I did the same design this year.  I’m going to make another batch and reverse the colors. (Can’t keep it quite the same…So mixing it up just a bit.)

Here are a couple sneak peak photos 😀

Sometimes simple can be so elegant. One color for the batch, one color for the embeds…but it really comes out quite lovely.

Love the top view!


Green Tea Powder

July 25, 2012

I’ve been experimenting here and there with natural colorants, clays and infusing oils.  I’m interested to see what range of colors I can get.  I was making a batch of Lavender and was using rose clay (which I love) and decided that I’d also try the green tea powder I had.  I’d been putting it off.  I was afraid I’d get a puke-y green (which is what I started with).

I hydrated the clay a bit before mixing it and oh my the color was awful…but I went forward…hoping it’d mellow out a bit.  Well after cutting the soap this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see it had turned a muted brown.

Left to go teach and came back four hours later to this awesome deep brown!

You can still see a bit of the icky green in the tops. Hoping that changes like the rest of the bar did.

Love the contrast!

I kind of sort of did a faux funnel pour. Every bar is different and I actually kind of like the effect I got.

Pie soaps…because I just have this weird obsession of making soaps look edible :)

July 19, 2012

I admit it…I have this tendency to make my soap look edible.  Not sure why…maybe because I like to bake…but either way once I made my Peach Pie Soap I suddenly had the desire to make a whole series of pie soaps!  I think they turned out pretty well!  You’ve seen the Peach and Strawberry-Rhubarb so without further ado here are the other four I made:

Blackberry Bling

Apple Pie w/ Cinnamon

Cherry Pie

Blueberry Pie

I have to say that the Blackberry Bling is my favorite. I just love the colors and how the swirl worked. Hop you enjoyed them!



July 16, 2012

I’ve been rather quiet the past few weeks when it comes to posting.  Mostly this is because I was house/yard/pet sitting for my parents.  It’s really hard to try and run two households, work and still make soap.  It didn’t leave me much time for posting.  But I’m back!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been very busy restocking on stops and making new ones.  I underestimated how many soaps I’d actually be selling this summer.  Between my three markets most week I’ve gone though a lot of soap!  I’m not a 100% caught up on restocks, but getting closer.  Then come August I plan to start on my fall/winter soaps. I’ve narrowed down my selection and have made a decision on the fragrances I’ll be using this year (stay tuned for more)!

Here’s a picture for you of my current drying rack 🙂

Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Soap

July 15, 2012

I’ve decided to do a set of pie soaps.  I like them, they’re fun, so why not?  The second batch I made was Strawberry-Rhubarb.  And interesting fresh smell I think will go over well.  Next up will be Cherry and apple (with cinnamon of course), possibly blueberry and blackberry.  We’ll see 🙂

Here’s the Rhubarb Pie Soap during the stages of creation:

I swirled a deep pink and white. Love the color. It’s so rich and pretty. Then I embedded strawberries on top.

Here’s the top pipped on.

And finally some finished pictures!