Green Tea Powder

I’ve been experimenting here and there with natural colorants, clays and infusing oils.  I’m interested to see what range of colors I can get.  I was making a batch of Lavender and was using rose clay (which I love) and decided that I’d also try the green tea powder I had.  I’d been putting it off.  I was afraid I’d get a puke-y green (which is what I started with).

I hydrated the clay a bit before mixing it and oh my the color was awful…but I went forward…hoping it’d mellow out a bit.  Well after cutting the soap this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see it had turned a muted brown.

Left to go teach and came back four hours later to this awesome deep brown!

You can still see a bit of the icky green in the tops. Hoping that changes like the rest of the bar did.

Love the contrast!

I kind of sort of did a faux funnel pour. Every bar is different and I actually kind of like the effect I got.


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