Apples n’ Oak Embeds

I like to create designs with embeds (which translates to: I like to create extra work for myself when making soap). 😀

When I got the Apples n’ Oak fragrance I thought it’d be cool to try and create an apple inside a loaf. Thought about it a bit and decided I could create the apples with PVC tubes.

I poured a batch of green soap into a 1/2″ tube. Then in one of my loaf molds poured a flat batch of brown which I then cut into stems.


In a larger PVC tube I pour red for the apple.

The round red soaps for the apples and the leafs (one cut, one not yet). I cut the small green tube soap in half to create a half circle for the leaf.

The base loaf I swirled pink and white, but it ended up with the white mixing in a bit more than planned and lightening up the pink…I actually really like it (even if it wasn’t how I’d planned for it to turn out).

Apples in my soap!

I had a little red left over so I poured it into one of my cube molds from Bramble Berry. It actually made for a really cool abstract apple that I almost like more than the round apples!

The “Abstract Apples” 🙂

I had a little extra green and it went in with some of the red soap hence this funky looking apple!

Green apple anyone?


3 Responses to Apples n’ Oak Embeds

  1. Garret says:

    Very Cool! How do you get your soap to release from the PVC? Freeze it? BTW..I like the ‘abstract apples’ the best! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Marie Hofmann says:

    I put my PVC in the oven at 200 for about 8-9 minutes and then it usually comes out pretty easily. 🙂

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