Great Opportunity, Amazing Experience

At the end of June I was contacted by The Cotting School, a school for children with special needs, if I’d be willing to participate in their summer program.  Every Wednesday they were having a different presentation on  some aspect of hygiene.  The director wanted to know if I’d come in one afternoon and do a presentation on the history of soap and talk about how soap was made.

I accepted.  I’d gotten into soap making because I was researching the history of it.  I had all my notes and information on that still.  I pulled them out and worked on putting together a presentation.  For the second half I put together a series of slides showing the process of making soap.  I brought in some of the ingredients I use as well as the equipment.  The day before I’d made a small batch so I could bring it in and unmold it and show the students how I cut the soap.

It all went over really well.  Then it was time for a Q&A session.  I have to say I was amazed by these students.  They asked some great questions!  Questions that showed they were processing what I’d told them and thinking about how I applied it to my business.  They were AWESOME!  I have to admit I was a bit nervous going into this.  I’d never done a presentation to children before, but it all turned out great!

Yesterday I got to go participate in their “Wares Fair.”  The students all work on making different products (note cards, magnets, calendars, dog beds…) and then they sell them.  It’s a fundraiser for the school.  I was asked to participate and sell my soaps.  Many of the students remembered me (so heart warming) and they were all awesome.  It was a great day.  I’m donating a part of my proceeds to the school.  It’s just a small way I can say thank you to them for letting me participate.  I’m so blessed to have had this experience.

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